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Patent Licensing

Only Innography provides the depth of correlated information needed to quickly build pipelines of licensing leads by uncovering connections between technologies, patents, companies, products, and litigation.

Find Possibility

IP Portfolio Analysis

One of the staple tasks of IP professionals is to examine portfolios of competitors, companies they may acquire, and their own. With large, complex portfolios and diverse technology, this can be a daunting task.

Gain Insight

Patent Strategy

Innography enables strategic IP portfolio planning, patent buying and selling initiatives, and research targeting strategies designed to maximize the benefits of IP ownership and development.

Develop Strategy

Litigation Strategy

Innography correlates IP litigation data with patents to get a complete view of trends and threats for litigation purposes, to support key decisions and substantially reduce associated costs.

Inform Strategies

Competitve Analysis

Innography enables you to create competitive landscapes that give an accurate view of patent ownership. By also integrating litigation, product, and technology standards, Innography enhances the ability to better understand what your competitors are doing.

Competitve Analysis

Acquisition Due Diligence

Innography enables M&A teams to perform in-depth company analysis that can mean the difference between success and failure in deals.

Acquisition Due Dilligence

R&D Strategies

Innography is particularly helpful to technology teams when looking to identify a niche to be filled with new technology. Innography also enables you to discover if a new innovation is patentable by quickly identifying relevant patent prior art.

R&D Strategies

Innovator Tracking

Your HR and R&D departments understand the importance of having the right people in the right roles to create a competitive advantage. Innography maintains data on millions of inventors worldwide so you can understand who the most innovative contributors are in any market.

Innovator Tracking

Semiconductor Client Analyzes Acquisition Target Portfolios

A client in the semiconductor industry used Innography’s PatentStrength™ and landscapes to evaluate the patent portfolio of an acquisition target, and showed that the new patents were not strong and overlapped significantly with the client’s exiting portfolio. With this information in hand, they were able to negotiate a reduction in purchase price of over $30 million.

Technology Client Manages Acquisition Costs and Filing Fees

One of the world’s largest technology companies regularly acquires patent portfolios around the world.  Prior to using Innography they were acquiring and double-paying maintenance fees on nearly identical patents. With Innography, they were able to provide an accurate view of IP they had recently acquired in relation to their existing portfolio. They were able to save several million dollars per year by avoiding acquisition costs and filing fees of duplicate IP.

Industrial Client Generates Licensing Revenue

A large diversified industrial client uses Innography to help direct the licensing efforts of a group focused on licensing strictly non-core patents to non-competitors. These efforts generate nine figures of revenue each year and represent several billion dollars of market value based on percentage of profitability.

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