IP Intelligence Software for Patent Owners and Innovators

Patent Licensing

Only Innography provides the depth of correlated information needed to quickly build pipelines of licensing leads by uncovering connections between technologies, patents, companies, products, and litigation.

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IP Analysis

One of the staple tasks of IP professionals is to examine portfolios of competitors, companies they may acquire, and their own. With large, complex portfolios and diverse technology, this can be a daunting task.

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Patent Strategy

Innography enables strategic IP portfolio planning, patent buying and selling initiatives, and research targeting strategies designed to maximize the benefits of IP ownership and development.

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Litigation Strategy

Innography correlates IP litigation data with patents to get a complete view of trends and threats for litigation purposes, to support key decisions and substantially reduce associated costs.

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Competitive Analysis

Beyond patent search software, Innography enables you to create competitive landscapes that give an accurate view of patent ownership. By integrating litigation, product, and technology standards, Innography enhances the ability to better understand your competition.

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Acquisition Due Diligence

Finding the right IP portfolio to acquire is a crucial decision, but one that can be difficult due to the limited information typically available. Our patent search software enables M&A teams to perform in-depth company analysis that can mean the difference between success and failure in deals.

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Research & Development

Innography is particularly helpful to technology teams when looking to identify a niche to be filled with new technology. Innography also enables you to discover if a new innovation is patentable by quickly identifying relevant patent prior art.

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Patent Search

Innography’s approach to intellectual property analysis is different. Based on big data architecture, our software platform includes data from more than 177 public sources so you can search, analyze and visualize up to 60,000 documents in seconds.

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Featured Video Case Study: Licensing

Kimberly-Clark Uncovers Licensing Opportunities with Innography

Industry:  Personal Care Corporation, Paper-Based Consumer Products

Use Case: Licensing, R&D

Recently, Mike Gross and John Onderko from Kimberly-Clark sat down with Innography to discuss the ways in which the Innography platform assisted in identifying potential licensing candidates, how white space is revealed, what patent activity exists, and litigation transactions that may be part of the landscape they are considering.


Read more Innography case studies spanning industries and use cases including, Licensing, Litigation, Acquisition Due Diligence, and Competitive Intelligence

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