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Behind the Scenes at Innography – Big Fun with Big Data

Big data when unstructured can be a big mess. Here the Innography team discusses the heavy lifting, parsing data, and telling the full story.

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Business Models for Monetizing IP

Denise Deverelle Crown examines's report on the major players in the IP Marketplace and the top business models for monetizing IP.

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Innography Featured in Analyst Report about Patent Information Market Growth

Outsell Inc., a research firm focused on media, information and technology, recently published a 2-page Insight called “Patent Information Market Continues to Grow”, featuring Innography and other patent analytics tools.

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Identifying Novel and Attractive Technologies: Freedom-to-Operate Study

The era of wearable technology has arrived. The recent CES event held this month in Las Vegas proved that this area of technology isn't going anywhere with a staggering number of wearable devices presented at the conference. Many of these devices focus around health or fitness related computing devices.

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New Guidelines for Patent Trolls

The New York state Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman, yesterday announced a settlement with non-practicing entity MPHJ Technology Investments, over MPHJ’s “deceptive and abusive practices”.

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Expiration Date Calculations Now Available

As IP software developers, there are always choices about what could go into the products, and internal debates (i.e. arguments) over how much value new features would provide.  We balance a number of considerations (including the things you ask for) to decide what makes it into a release. I think my colleagues would agree that it is geeky fun for us to automate messy manual processes and deliver the data you need without...

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Proactive Protection from Patent Trolls

In the final installment of our series on Understanding Patent Trolls, we’ll cover what you can do proactively to defend yourself against assertions.  While no guarantee, being proactive has benefits, and knowledge of the activity in your market is the first step to planning how to deal with it. The first thing to do is to monitor filings in your technology markets.  The more you understand about trends, and the organizations...

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Client Presentation Show IP Analytics Are Essential Part of R&D Processes

At our New York training day last week, an R&D executive from a large Consumer Packaged Goods client gave a presentation about intellectual property at his company. Scientists and engineers often view IP simply as something you own, he said, but the real value of IP is putting it to use in products and in the market – a similar approach to developing a piece of land.  In fact, if you&rsquo...

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