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Your IP Management Capabilities: Defining Your Roadmap and Starting The Journey

The last post in our IP Maturity Model series, this post covers earlier topics of IP Management goals and the gaps that must be filled in order to reach these goals, and emphasizes the final step in the assessment process - building a go-forward plan including action items and target dates.

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Mid-Year Progress by Innography

Innography continues its positive growth trend in 2014!

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Tips for Identifying Seminal Patents

Denise Deverelle Crown explores different indicators of seminal patents and tips for mining your portfolio.

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World Cup Fever Continues: World Cup Patent Filing Trends

Keith Smith investigates World Cup soccer ball patents, how weather affected new patent filings, and more...

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Introducing DocShare

IP Analysis becomes even more powerful when you can blend your internal data with the public data result set. DocShare allows you to upload internal content and include it for analysis (keyword, semantic, and text clustering). Common use cases for this include adding your organization's non-patent literature, and for managing examiner reports coming back from the PTO where applications require updating.

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Innography Turns 7!

Innography President and Founder Tyron Stading reflects on the company and shares some fun facts about Innography as we celebrate our 7th "birthday".

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Convenient Prior Art Search with NPL Database

If you work in R&D, your organization probably licenses relevant journals in your industry for prior art search. To supplement your internal sources, we’ve added over four million non-patent literature documents referencing patents to our collection of more than 100 data sources.

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World Cup Fever … a ball and a patent.

Our resident Brit, Emma Roubtsov tackles World Cup Fever, the all-important ball, and of course, the patents that accompany it.

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