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Nike’s FLYEASE: A Look into the Product Development Lifecycle with IP Eyes

Nike recently announced the launch of their new FLYEASE footwear system. The innovative FLYEASE footwear allows athletes of all abilities to easily fasten and get in and out of shoes.

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A Record-Breaking Quarter for Innography

Innography just finished its best quarter ever! In addition to record revenue, we had record bookings in the quarter. And the bookings were not just a little bit higher, but were almost 40% higher than the previous record quarter!

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Q&A with one of 2015’s World’s Leading IP Strategists

The IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists is a list of individuals forging new paths that maximize the value of IP portfolios. Published by the Intellectual Asset Management Media group (also known as IAM), landing on the list involves a starting point of at least three nominations from outside the person’s own organization. Tyron Stading, the President and Founder of Innography, has been on both the 2014 and 2015 lists, we sat down and spoke with him about the honor.

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Why is Semantic Search So Important for Patent Searching?

Semantic search is an essential patent search tool because it finds hidden patents that keyword search can miss.

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The State of Patent Filings in China

Chinese patent filing volume is the largest of any country of the world 2011 onward. “China accounted for a third of the world’s patent applications in 2013, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).” The growth in filings post-2007 has been driven largely by internal filings which have been driven primarily by domestic subsidies. We explore these subsidies in Government Incentives.

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Q&A with Gene Quinn from IPWatchdog: The Impact of Alice v. CLS Bank

In the wake of Alice v. CLS Bank, numerous patents have been lost with claims invalidated as being patent ineligible. On the first anniversary of the Alice decision, we sat with Gene to answer some of your burning questions in our webinar: Surviving Alice in the Age of Software Innovation.

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The Experts Speak – Innography Advanced Analysis wins its third CODiE award.

I just returned from a very rainy Washington, DC, where Innography was honored to receive the 2015 CODiE for Best Business Information Solution, our third CODiE win. While we are largely motivated by client accolades, it is always nice to win an award, and the CODiEs are special. In 2014, we won two CODiE Awards, one for Best Aggregated Data, and another for Best Legal Information System. For those of you that have asked, here’s a little of the back story and the process.

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Patent Analytics: It’s All About the Data

Imagine searching through thousands of documents from hundreds of sources to answer a simple question like "who has patents with ____ keyword?" That process can take days, weeks, even months, depending on your process. The power of Innography's toolset is the data.

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