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Webinar Transcript: Surviving Alice in the Age of Software Innovation

Follow US Patent Attorney Gene Quinn during this free Q&A and discussion on the effects of Alice. You'll learn how you can draft claims differently to help ensure patent eligibility, identify patents that will not be negatively impacted, and respond to rejections based on Alice. This is a transcript of the webinar Surviving Alice in the Age of Software Innovation.

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Patent Ideas Gone Wild: Spin, Baby, Spin

In the spirit of the Texas State Fair going on in Dallas, Texas, I want to start this blog on a twirl! Now, I was never big on carnival rides and definitely one like the “Gravitron” would intimidate me like no other! Imagine spinning around and around and around like that, with no means of stopping…some people would love it, but for me, I suspect lunch would make a second appearance. Now imagine if you were pregnant…

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Evaluating Patents for an Acquisition Target:  Blackberry & Good Technology Example

Many of our clients include acquisitions as part of their growth strategy. The best practice is to examine an acquisition target’s patent portfolio to see how it fits in with their portfolio, as well as the target’s litigation and filing history to better understand risk and possible future rewards.

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Is it Time to Put Spreadsheets Behind Us?

Years ago, when I was back on the engineering side making chips in a factory, we used spreadsheets for recording and processing data. Spreadsheets were great. They let us collect a static set of data, filter that data, perform some simple calculations and finally, present the data with a simple visual, like a bar or pie chart so my boss could understand the output the same way I did. I could share a view of the data that was interesting in some important way so we could start to drive improvement. I would send these sheets around so that I could share my data with my peers as well so they could understand what we were trying to accomplish. Sometimes, I would paste the data or images into a presentation.

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What Is Prior Art and What Purpose Does It Serve?

Prior art is a rather nebulous concept even for IP practitioners. I suspect many people don't think about it apart from its associated process, the prior art search. However, there are well-defined examples of prior art that we can refer to in order to understand the concept a little better.

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Clean Data in Action: The Rackspace Example

A company’s current patent portfolio is the starting point for many analyses, such as competitive intelligence, industry benchmarking, risk analysis, licensing and partnership conversations and enforcement analysis. Getting the portfolio as right as possible is obviously very important to making good decisions.

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Client Success: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Not long ago, customer support was a reactive cost-center for companies. All efforts to optimize the experience revolved around the reduction of cost instead of the improvement of the customer’s experience. Business process improvement professionals began making the connection between revenue growth and the satisfaction of clients after the sale, and the concept of Client Success began to take traction.

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New Patent Shows Our Distinct Innovation Approach

Innography's fourth US patent 9,069,853 was issued on June 30 for “System and method of goal-oriented searching.” The patent’s title underscores Innography’s product development approach: We start with the user goals, then we design software to allow them to quickly and easily achieve their goals.

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