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Clean Data in Action: The Rackspace Example

A company’s current patent portfolio is the starting point for many analyses, such as competitive intelligence, industry benchmarking, risk analysis, licensing and partnership conversations and enforcement analysis. Getting the portfolio as right as possible is obviously very important to making good decisions.

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Client Success: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Not long ago, customer support was a reactive cost-center for companies. All efforts to optimize the experience revolved around the reduction of cost instead of the improvement of the customer’s experience. Business process improvement professionals began making the connection between revenue growth and the satisfaction of clients after the sale, and the concept of Client Success began to take traction.

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New Patent Shows Our Distinct Innovation Approach

Innography's fourth US patent 9,069,853 was issued on June 30 for “System and method of goal-oriented searching.” The patent’s title underscores Innography’s product development approach: We start with the user goals, then we design software to allow them to quickly and easily achieve their goals.

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The State of Patenting in the US

According to the USPTO’s self-published dashboard showing first office action pendency, there’s been a healthy improvement in the total pendency time from 35 to 29 months from 2010-2014. Their mission has been to decrease the first response time i.e. the time it takes for an applicant to hear anything from the patent office regarding the filing.

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Webinar Transcript: Freedom-to-Operate Misnomer - Methods of Providing an Opportunity Analysis

This is a transcript of the webinar Freedom-to-Operate Misnomer: Methods of Providing an Opportunity Analysis with speakers Michael Reed, Attorney & Partner at Cesari & Reed, LLC. and Sr. Data Expert at Innography, Maneesha Joshi.

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Information is Power: How Google and Others Are Sharing Patent Information

Innography’s vision is to make patent-driven insights accessible to inform business decisions for anyone, at any time. Our recent release of PatentScout™ Publish takes a big step in that direction, by allowing companies to publish specific patent sets either internally or externally, to any group of users.

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Five Easy Prior Art Search Tips You Need to Keep In Mind

A common question we come across here at Innography is related to methods for identifying seminal patents. Seminal patents represent an invention so important that it creates or shifts a particular technology space. Other inventors cite those inventions as prior art for their own inventions, which can be improvements or enhancements to the original idea.

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Four Tactics for Monetizing Innovation in Your Portfolio

This is a transcript of the webinar Four Tactics for Monetizing Innovation in Your Portfolio, hosted by Gene Quinn, IPWatchDog, which is available on demand.

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