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Patent Searching 101

Catherine Duck Lafrenz discusses the world of intellectual property, patent searching, and demystifying the world of patent searching in this new blog series.

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IPO Annual Summit Outlines Several Threats to Patents

The IPO Annual Summit in Vancouver discussed several key issues in IP, especially important to patent holders.

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Trust Your Luck… or Use Semantic Search

I met with a General Counsel at a conference and he described a situation where he found a recently-issued patent of interest, owned by a partner, that proved very helpful in a negotiation. In fact, it made all the difference.

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Categories: advanced patent search, litigation strategy, patent search, semantic patent search

The Twelve Enemies of the Successful IP Harvest

Author Andrew Sherman to talk about Harvesting Intangible Assets on Innography webinar - September, 18th, 2014.

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The Summer Release is Here!

Denise Deverelle Crown discusses some of the exciting new features of our productivity-packed summer release.

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From Patents to Products

Giovanna Barreiro discusses the complex world of today's patents, intellectual property information, and what you can do to understand your intellectual property and it's value.

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Categories: competitive intelligence, data correlation, intellectual property management, patent mapping

Helpful Innography Analyses for Licensing to Other Industries

In our recent webinar with Dr. Monty Wright from General Electric, he reviewed a terrific process for licensing your patents to other industries. We’ll give the steps below of Innography analyses that perform the steps in his process.

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Categories: application trends, licensing strategy, open innovation, patent semantics

Understanding What’s On The Market

Jennifer Gallagher takes a look at how to determine the worth of a patent, strategies around patent auctions, and how to dive deeper into the portfolios for sale to find the hidden gems or potential liabilities.

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Categories: advanced patent search, ip strategies, licensing strategy, mergers and acquisitions, patent mapping, patent strategy