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Company Comparison

Denise Deverelle Crown kicks off her blog series on the new features of the Innography Spring 2014 release with Company Comparison - an exclusive new feature designed to help you gather competitive intelligence in just minutes.

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Your IP Management Capabilities: Assessing Current State

Shauna Osborne continues her blog series on the IP Maturity Model with suggestions for assessing current capabilities inside your organization.

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Our Spring 2014 Release

It’s been a fast and furious Spring at Innography.  We had our largest annual user conference in April, and now we’re launching our largest single product release.  As always, we’re grateful to all of our clients, and are motivated by your enthusiasm and product suggestions.  As we cull through our list of potential features to prepare for a release, we selected a few that would be...

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Categories: intellectual property management, open innovation

Managing Acquisition Risk, Even When There Are No Patents!

Innography helps clients manage acquisition risk by enabling analysis of the target company’s patent portfolio, showing the portfolio strength and position versus competitors, and highlighting chain-of-title issues.

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Categories: application trends, mergers and acquisitions, patents, semantic patent search

Of Patent Rights and Unreasonable Taxation

In this post, Thom Kobayashi tackles the highly-sensitive issue of NPEs and patent rights from an unusual perspective.

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Innography in the Open Data 500

Innography is honored to be included in the Open Data 500. The Open Data 500 is the first comprehensive study of U.S. companies that use open government data to generate new business and develop new products and services.

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Categories: big data, data correlation, intellectual property management, open innovation

Innography Accelerates Growth

Innography CEO, John F. Martin discusses innovation and growth in 2014.

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Competitive Intelligence at the Global IP Exchange

Emma Roubtsov tackles competitive intelligence in a round table at the Global IP Exchange and summarizes her top takeaways from the discussion.

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