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Open Innovation - Succeeding in an Economic Downturn

While we’ve all known the U.S. has been in a recession for some time, NBER finally made it official, admitting that the current recession began in December 2007. This revelation begs the question, “What now?” My last post described how past recessions have led to increased intellectual property litigation, but it didn’t cover innovation trends. The latest and most interesting of these trends is Open Innovation. Open Innovation is...

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Will a Recession Impact the Patent Industry?

With the US and international markets in turmoil, everyone is focused on the economy. The Dow and the NASDAQ have experienced historic drops, and many people may be concerned about which industries will grow or contract, and what that means for their job. Given the economic conditions, what will happen to the IP and Patent industries? The short answer is that there is good and bad news. First, the good news. Historically speaking, in recessions...

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Correlating Patents with Litigation Data to Determine Legal Risk

Rather than looking at different information sources in isolation, one of our guiding philosophies is that the answers to many business level questions are found at the intersection of different types of data. So what does this mean from the perspective of someone looking to do real-world analysis? Let’s use correlated information to examine the litigation risk involved in a certain technology landscape. Imagine we are a company that either (a) makes tooth...

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Simplify Your Search

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.  --Albert Einstein One of the things I’m constantly asked about is the specifics of our search capability. I’ll often run down the list, from the common to the more obscure. Overall, the response to our breadth of options has been very positive. I’ve even gotten involved with porting...

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The Real Deal Behind Yahoo and Microsoft Patents

Last week there was a rumor that Microsoft’s real intention behind acquiring Yahoo is around valuable IP. This article talked about how everyone was scrambling to find out which patent Yahoo held that was so critical to Microsoft.  This was interesting on two levels: 1) what IP asset is so valuable to warrant billions of dollars to purchase Yahoo, and 2) what would Microsoft do with that asset if they acquired it? While I...

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Data Correlation: Finding a Better Way

There is a better way, find it.  --Thomas Edison One of the things that has been most reinforced by Innography’s customers is the value of correlating multiple sources of information into a single view to gain more rapid time to results for various types of projects. Some of the use cases where this has particularly surfaced for our customers have been interesting. Perhaps the best example is the ability to filter results...

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IP Industry State of the Union

The IP industry is undergoing a fundamental shift. While IP has existed for over 200 years, we are just now seeing how IP is being leveraged. Whereas “IP” used to focus on people who generate IP, it is much more about how people are IMPACTED by IP. Executives, HR, managers, sales, etc are all being impacted directly or indirectly by IP, and need to understand what it means to them. IP wants to be...

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