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Innography Extended References: Technical Standards

In our latest release, Innography Fall ’10, we have included a feature called Extended References. These are additional data sources that contain references to patents. Innography currently offers three of these reference data sources: Technical Standards Pharmaceutical Sources International Litigation This article focuses on Technical Standards, how they impact your business, and why patents are a critical component you need to understand for new product development. What Is a Technical Standard? A Technical Standard is...

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Tech Sourcing: A Practice You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Technology sourcing is a practice critical to your business and ignoring it can cost you more than you might imagine. First, it is critical to understand the fact that the accumulation of technologies is necessary to the growth of your business.  Not only does this help build new revenue streams, but it can also help protect your current market position.  In the former case, technology sourcing can enable you get to market faster....

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Streamline Your Licensing Process

Licensing professionals understand just how challenging the licensing process can be.  Because it can be so challenging I put together nine questions that are important to answer at each phase of the process before moving forward to the next step. Can the idea in question make money? The overwhelming majority of patents never come to market.  Most experts put the number at about two to three percent. At the idea stage it can...

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Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence: Seven Critical Steps You Can’t Afford to Overlook

The topic of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) has become much more important to many companies today than it has been in the past. The economy appears to be on the mend, and companies are scrambling to find ways to expand quickly. Companies are also being forced to cope with rising litigation risk because the business environment is simply more litigious. It is not unusual for companies to hold back the acquisition offer until...

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Competitive Intelligence: Getting Ahead of the Development Curve

Today companies are being forced to cope with rising litigation risk because the business environment is simply more litigious. This increased litigiousness has produced a more rigorous due diligence requirement that involves a greater focus on the way intelligence is gathered and the processes associated with it. Part of this rigorous protocol is to monitor the IP landscape generally and competitive targets specifically (companies, products and technologies), before a decision is made to pursue one...

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What Makes Your Patent Valuable

The two February articles covered the concept of IP valuation – the benefits of understanding the value of your IP and the different models in use today for quantifying that value. There’s a missing piece to the equation though: exactly which attributes make your IP valuable? First, it is important to understand that specific attributes of your IP don’t necessarily make it valuable, but you can look for indicators that are consistently...

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The Rise of False Marking Litigation

There is a new litigation trend brewing on the horizon: false marking. Much like the increase in litigation in early 2000 from patent trolls, this is now a new source that’s driving increases in litigation. Because of a recent court decision, it is extremely profitable to sue companies who have falsely marked products as patented. The following chart shows the massive increase in cases in the first three months of 2010 already. False Marks Litigation...

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