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Proactive Protection from Patent Trolls

In the final installment of our series on Understanding Patent Trolls, we’ll cover what you can do proactively to defend yourself against assertions.  While no guarantee, being proactive has benefits, and knowledge of the activity in your market is the first step to planning how to deal with it. The first thing to do is to monitor filings in your technology markets.  The more you understand about trends, and the organizations...

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Client Presentation Show IP Analytics Are Essential Part of R&D Processes

At our New York training day last week, an R&D executive from a large Consumer Packaged Goods client gave a presentation about intellectual property at his company. Scientists and engineers often view IP simply as something you own, he said, but the real value of IP is putting it to use in products and in the market – a similar approach to developing a piece of land.  In fact, if you&rsquo...

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Innography’s “Stocking Stuffer 2013” Product Update!

The Innography product team has been hard at work throughout 2013, with large releases both in the summer and this fall.  Playbooks are now included in Advanced Analysis, and we launched PatentScout in the fall for private semantic search throughout the enterprise. As we approach the end of 2013, we had several key features we were working on based on client requests, and we didn’t want to make you wait before making them...

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Dozens Brave the Snow for Innography’s NY Training Day!

Despite heavy snow during the morning commute, about two dozen Innography clients braved the weather to attend our 2013 Northeast Training Day in Tarrytown, NY. Attendees heard from John Martin, Innography Chairman and CEO, about the company's strategic direction and product roadmap for the next year. Carlisha Robinson, our Director of Product Management, gave an update on the Fall 2013 Release as well as an early look at next week's "Stocking Stuffer" update features. With...

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Patent Litigation Reform Moving Through Congress

Just over two years after the America Invents Act (AIA) was signed into law to overhaul aspects of the U.S. patent grant system, several bills are being proposed to adjust how patents are litigated in federal court in the U.S. The litigation reforms are primarily meant to address several perceived issues that are caused by NPEs asserting their patents against a multitude of companies that do not make products, such as restaurants and...

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Possible Ways to Respond to Demand Letters

In my last blog post, we covered the types of entities commonly labeled as patent trolls.  Regardless of intent, the number of assertions and patent infringement court cases are both increasing rapidly. In order to address some of the perceived issues with patent trolls, the bills in front of Congress include suggestions such as: requiring asserting companies to identify the real owner of the patent, allow more discretion in awarding legal...

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Understanding Patent Trolls

One of the heart-stopping experiences for anyone in business is receiving a demand letter from a patent owner, claiming infringement. Our CEO recently held a popular workshop on this topic, the next three blog posts will cover the types of entities that are collectively referred to as trolls, their various business models, what an assertion is, and some steps you should take if receiving one of these letters. Let’s start by examining the...

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Asia-Pacific Region Increasing Focus on Patents

Innography was in Singapore this week at IP Business Congress Asia, a 2-day conference focused on IP in the Asia-Pacific region.  The major theme was the growth of focus on patents in the Asia-Pacific region, with applications rising throughout the region and some countries launching initiatives to create “IP hubs”. The Asia-Pacific region is the largest and fastest-growing region for patent filings, with over 1 million patent applications overall in Asia in 2011, 41% of...

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