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Just Released: Private Enterprise-wide Patent Search

November 11, 2013, marks another milestone at Innography.  We’re officially releasing PatentScout, an entirely new offering that brings the power of patent research to anyone in your organization.  PatentScout is designed to provide critical patent information with an easy-to-use interface.  PatentScout came about as a direct request from our clients who are concerned about their employees using public patent search tools, and the potential risk of willful infringement and exposure of IP...

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Big Success at Innography Training Events

Following up on our first Training Day in Silicon Valley in August, Innography held a Training Day in Redmond, Washington last week with about 50 attendees, including almost a dozen prospective customers.  A big thank-you to Microsoft who hosted the event in Seattle!  This week training was held at the colorful Google offices in windy Chicago. Another great turnout and engaged class who were among the first to see and use our new...

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Fall Release Coming Soon!

It seems as if we just had our Summer Release, yet here we are again with many new and improved features.  Our Fall Release represents many data additions and improvements, and includes an entirely new product.  In beta now, the latest version of Advanced Analysis includes a host of new features: New keywords and operators for more detailed searches. Legacy query migration – allows for converting queries created on other IP...

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Big Data for Patents

Wired's Innovation Insights just published an article we wrote called "Big Data for Patents: Deriving Novel Insights from Publicly Available Data".

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The Ins and Outs of Non-Practicing Entities

Earlier this week at the IP Trademark, Copyright & Licensing Counsel Forum in New York City, I moderated a panel on “Non-Practicing Entities” (NPEs). With an audience of mostly in-house IP counsel, the panel agreed that there was no “silver bullet” regarding NPEs, but noted some trends and best-practices. In the discussion about the various types of NPEs, two types of NPEs were noted as growing in influence: Large patent holders...

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Product to Patent Mapping Using Directed Semantic Search

One of the common tasks an IP professional may be asked for is to determine the patents attached to a particular product. This exercise can be extremely tedious, but with Innography’s Directed Semantic, it’s a snap. We borrowed some copy from a consumer products company’s website, and pasted it into our Semantic search box...

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Are you optimizing your most valuable company assets?

Innography sponsored the LES (Licensing Executives Society) Annual meeting last week where 800+ IP professionals discussed why "IP Matters in Every Deal". Top of mind at the conference was patent litigation and the impact of key court decisions, the effects of standards, and pros/cons of increased patent troll activity.  While there were multiple perspectives on these topics, there was one area that IP executives unanimously agreed: Regardless of your organization's level...

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New Website, New Innography.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new website!

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