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Machine Learning: How Innography Drastically Improves Big Data Quality to Give Its Customers an Edge

Early November, Tyron and I had the pleasure of presenting at the American Society for Quality (Austin Section) event, “The Future of Quality.” ASQ is an organization founded to advocate quality. Not specific to any field, discipline, or level within an organization, ASQ emphasizes an all-encompassing dedication to professional integrity and a passion for progress and excellence. As a company so committed to quality ourselves, it was inspiring to be in the presence of such a likeminded group.

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Research Using Patent Data Reveals Future of Robots and Spaceflight

One of the perks of working at an IP analysis software company is the fascinating info we often gather on some of the coolest modern technologies. Our recent patent research on autonomous robots and manned spaceflight provides deep insights into the present state and future strategies of players in these cutting edge industry sectors.

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2017 Predictions for Intellectual Property Professionals and the Patent Analytics Industry

For better or worse, no one can say that 2016 was dull. And while it might not have produced quite as much excitement in the IP world (phew!), 2016 wasn’t without some notable IP shifts. On January 11th last year I shared my predictions for 2016. Let’s see how I did, and then I’ll give you my predictions for 2017.

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