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Client Input: A Key Factor When Choosing Your IPBI Vendor - Why Client Input Matters at Innography

Your company invests in tools and services in order to deliver the patent analyses required every day. Depending on the size of your patent portfolio and the number of members on the team, plus all the people these reports touch, there can be hundreds involved in the data and the process, each with different needs and outcomes. Your business is changing, are the providers you work with changing as well? How do you ensure you’re working with a true partner in today’s dynamic IP landscape?

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Innography’s “Stocking Stuffer 2013” Product Update!

The Innography product team has been hard at work throughout 2013, with large releases both in the summer and this fall.  Playbooks are now included in Advanced Analysis, and we launched PatentScout in the fall for private semantic search throughout the enterprise. As we approach the end of 2013, we had several key features we were working on based on client requests, and we didn’t want to make you wait before making them...

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Are you optimizing your most valuable company assets?

Innography sponsored the LES (Licensing Executives Society) Annual meeting last week where 800+ IP professionals discussed why "IP Matters in Every Deal". Top of mind at the conference was patent litigation and the impact of key court decisions, the effects of standards, and pros/cons of increased patent troll activity.  While there were multiple perspectives on these topics, there was one area that IP executives unanimously agreed: Regardless of your organization's level...

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