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John F. Martin has over 25 years of experience leading and growing innovative enterprise software and SaaS companies, focused on emerging market segments. Prior to Innography, John helped drive 50-fold revenue growth in 10 years at IQNavigator, the leader in services procurement solutions for the Global 2000, successively as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of International Markets. Previously, John held multiple executive positions at Saba Software, including VP Product Management and VP Internet Services, as it grew from no revenue to over $60 million and went public as the leader in learning management solutions. John was also VP Convergence Technologies at CSG Systems, managing all open-systems product lines, as it went public and grew to over $200 million in sales. As a management consultant at McKinsey & Co., for four years in the United States and Europe, John led engagements to create and implement strategies to increase value for clients in a wide range of industries. John also was one of the first employees in Oracle’s consulting division, leading consulting teams and territories for four years as Oracle grew from its IPO to a billion-dollar firm. John holds an MBA from Stanford and BS degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.

Apples and Oranges: Truth of Patent Data Quality

The USPTO recently announced an expansion of PatentsView, its visualization tool for US patents. First launched a few years ago, the intent behind the tool was to make 40 years of patent filing data available for free to those interested in examining “the dynamics of inventor patenting activity over time”. In spite of being limited to patents (not applications) and with a focus only on the US, it offers some interesting visualizations around locations and citations.

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Four Areas Where IP Informs Business Decisions

Most business executives view patents and IP as key elements for product development and protecting innovation. Few see their relevance to business decision-making. Content embedded in patent actions can be a unique source of insights about technology trends, competitor plans, and future markets.

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M&A Due Diligence: A Look at the Skullcandy Patent Portfolio

Skullcandy is in the news due to an acquisition bid by Incipio that was quickly followed by private equity firm, Mill Road Capital. Learn what is in the Skullcandy patent portfolio that might be part of the $177 million offers.

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Video Transcript: Driving IP Value: Better Investments, Increasing Returns

This is a transcript of the video Driving IP Value: Better Investments, Increasing Returns, hosted by John Martin, CEO, Innography. It is available now on demand.

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The Hidden Costs of Bad Data Quality

When two patent analysis tools disagree on patent data, there's only one way to find out which one is more accurate – do the research. And picking the right patent tool to trust makes all the difference in getting to the best answer.

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New Look, Same Innography

Last week Innography hosted our biggest and best Insights client event ever, with over 200 clients and 30 different client speakers. The keynotes by Google and IBM were especially well-received, according to attendees, as were the roadmap and upcoming product presentations.

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Second or third-age patent analytics platforms: which one are you using?

Third-age patent analytics tools apply modern “Big Data” technologies and a completely new mind-set to provide breakthrough patent analysis capabilities for IP professionals.

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The Third Age of Patent Search Tools

Patent searching has evolved tremendously in recent years and it’s time to consider what the next decade of patent search looks like.

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