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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John F. Martin has over 25 years of experience leading and growing innovative enterprise software and SaaS companies, focused on emerging market segments. Prior to Innography, John helped drive 50-fold revenue growth in 10 years at IQNavigator, the leader in services procurement solutions for the Global 2000, successively as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of International Markets. Previously, John held multiple executive positions at Saba Software, including VP Product Management and VP Internet Services, as it grew from no revenue to over $60 million and went public as the leader in learning management solutions. John was also VP Convergence Technologies at CSG Systems, managing all open-systems product lines, as it went public and grew to over $200 million in sales. As a management consultant at McKinsey & Co., for four years in the United States and Europe, John led engagements to create and implement strategies to increase value for clients in a wide range of industries. John also was one of the first employees in Oracle’s consulting division, leading consulting teams and territories for four years as Oracle grew from its IPO to a billion-dollar firm. John holds an MBA from Stanford and BS degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.

Your Team Could Be Twice as Productive Tomorrow [With Patent Analyses]

A new client switches to Innography and overnight every patent analysis can be done with higher quality and at least twice as fast.

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Magic Leap: What Their Patents Tell Us

“Augmented reality” technology startup Magic Leap is about to close a billion-dollar financing round – what do its patent say about its upcoming products, inventors, and risks?

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Evaluating Patents for an Acquisition Target:  Blackberry & Good Technology Example

Many of our clients include acquisitions as part of their growth strategy. The best practice is to examine an acquisition target’s patent portfolio to see how it fits in with their portfolio, as well as the target’s litigation and filing history to better understand risk and possible future rewards.

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Clean Data in Action: The Rackspace Example

A company’s current patent portfolio is the starting point for many analyses, such as competitive intelligence, industry benchmarking, risk analysis, licensing and partnership conversations and enforcement analysis. Getting the portfolio as right as possible is obviously very important to making good decisions.

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New Patent Shows Our Distinct Innovation Approach

Innography's fourth US patent 9,069,853 was issued on June 30 for “System and method of goal-oriented searching.” The patent’s title underscores Innography’s product development approach: We start with the user goals, then we design software to allow them to quickly and easily achieve their goals.

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Information is Power: How Google and Others Are Sharing Patent Information

Innography’s vision is to make patent-driven insights accessible to inform business decisions for anyone, at any time. Our recent release of PatentScout™ Publish takes a big step in that direction, by allowing companies to publish specific patent sets either internally or externally, to any group of users.

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A Record-Breaking Quarter for Innography

Innography just finished its best quarter ever! In addition to record revenue, we had record bookings in the quarter. And the bookings were not just a little bit higher, but were almost 40% higher than the previous record quarter!

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Why is Semantic Search So Important for Patent Searching?

Semantic search is an essential patent search tool because it finds hidden patents that keyword search can miss.

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