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Best Innovation Books and Podcasts on Technology for the Summer

Summer is here, bringing to mind long days, longer weekends and hopefully a vacation with friends or family. Here’s the scoop on what books to add to your summer reading list, as well as to your podcast library. Innovation, technology and the IoT (Internet of Things) in general have been the subject of many excellent reads and listens lately, and these lists serve to keep you up to date, entertained, and informed, wherever you find yourself learning this summer.

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Custom 4D Visualizations Are Going to Change How You Look at Patent Data

The Innography Team is thrilled to present our newest features and enhancements to Advanced Analysis. We continue to support our power and business users with functionality that creates efficiencies in their intellectual property search and analysis workflows and communicates discovered insights effectively.

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Will the changing of the guard mean big changes for IP professionals?

An industry shake up is in progress as the major providers of intellectual property information and analysis technology divest divisions, acquire smaller players, and integrate capabilities. As tools evolve beyond their second generation capabilities, the role of patent data across the organization continues to expand.

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Top 5 Patent Search Blog Posts of the Year

A year ago, our customers asked for more content that would help them improve the efficiency of their IP operations, from best practices in search techniques to helping their entire organizations utilize patent data to make strategic decisions. Our year-end round up includes tips from some of the most popular blog posts of the year.

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9 Things to Consider When Selecting IP Analysis Software

We've worked with thousands of IP professionals spanning R&D, portfolio management, patent licensing, IP litigation, M&A and more. Many intellectual property professionals struggle to compare the many patent analysis platforms available in the marketplace because their features tend to sound the same. With this checklist, anyone considering a patent search, patent analytics, or intellectual property business intelligence toolset will get a solid head start to finding the right tool to meet your needs.

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Patent Assertion Entity Challenge with Expert Panel and Open Discussion

This is a transcript of the webinar "Patent Assertion Entity Challenge with Expert Panel and Open Discussion"

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Webinar Transcript: Transforming Intangible Assets into Tangible Profits

This is a transcript of the webinar Transforming Intangible Assets into Tangible Profits.

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Interesting Halloween Patents

In the spirit of the spooky holiday and because it’s fun to geek out on our own software platform, seeing what interesting inventions exist in the world, we dedicate this blog post to Halloween.

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