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Is Your Competition One Move Ahead of You?

What might your competitors know about the market that you don't? What do they know about you or your future product releases? Today’s competitive market requires organizations to stay at least one move ahead of their competition.  It's critical that you know your competition and market, that you know how to spot emerging trends, and know how to prioritize R&D investments.  IP information can provide competitive intelligence...

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IP Strategy Trends at Innography Insights 2013

During this past week, Innography held its annual user conference.  It is always energizing to hear about the real world challenges that our customers solve using Innography software and services.  The deals concluded, the risks avoided, and the millions of dollars saved or made emphasize the importance of intellectual property to corporate results. Perhaps the most significant trend observed though, is how IP strategy has spread across the organization. Gone are the...

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They’re Here!  The Innography Playbooks™ have arrived!

As you know, intellectual property isn’t just your lawyer’s problem anymore. We’ve found that companies with no intellectual property holdings are starting to receive multiple infringement letters a year. And on the other hand, there are corporations built solely on IP practices. In the midst of tech patent wars and the America Invents Act, intellectual property has proved itself to be a company’s most valuable, or most...

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Innography Introduces PatentGuard

I've talked a lot in recent posts about the changing IP landscape, and the measures being taken by companies to address those changes.  One of the main challenges I've seen is the often time-consuming and tedious task of evaluating a patent portfolio, particularly to identify chain of title issues. Maintaining a clean chain of title is crucial, because without it, you lose the right to take action on that patent leaving it...

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Mapping Patents to Products - Why Should You Care?

When I talk with customers, they frequently have questions about mapping patents to products. It turns out that creating a patent to product association is extremely valuable when you think about it. The business world runs on products. Profits and losses, revenue forecasts, and product offerings are all the lifeblood of a company and they’re all driven by products. It should come as no surprise, then, that you would want to protect your...

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Correlating Patents with Litigation Data to Determine Legal Risk

Rather than looking at different information sources in isolation, one of our guiding philosophies is that the answers to many business level questions are found at the intersection of different types of data. So what does this mean from the perspective of someone looking to do real-world analysis? Let’s use correlated information to examine the litigation risk involved in a certain technology landscape. Imagine we are a company that either (a) makes tooth...

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Data Correlation: Finding a Better Way

There is a better way, find it.  --Thomas Edison One of the things that has been most reinforced by Innography’s customers is the value of correlating multiple sources of information into a single view to gain more rapid time to results for various types of projects. Some of the use cases where this has particularly surfaced for our customers have been interesting. Perhaps the best example is the ability to filter results...

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IP Industry State of the Union

The IP industry is undergoing a fundamental shift. While IP has existed for over 200 years, we are just now seeing how IP is being leveraged. Whereas “IP” used to focus on people who generate IP, it is much more about how people are IMPACTED by IP. Executives, HR, managers, sales, etc are all being impacted directly or indirectly by IP, and need to understand what it means to them. IP wants to be...

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