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IP Landscape Analysis: A Critical Key to Your Freedom (To Operate)

It would be extremely hard to play a game of chess without knowing anything about the location of your opponents pieces let alone what pieces they still have in play (although, it might be interesting to watch)! So why would you play the game of IP and risk losing your freedom to operate (FTO) without knowing what and where competitors have opposing IP?

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Company Comparison

Denise Deverelle Crown kicks off her blog series on the new features of the Innography Spring 2014 release with Company Comparison - an exclusive new feature designed to help you gather competitive intelligence in just minutes.

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Competitive Intelligence at the Global IP Exchange

Emma Roubtsov tackles competitive intelligence in a round table at the Global IP Exchange and summarizes her top takeaways from the discussion.

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Talking Intellectual Property in Munich

Emma Roubtsov talks top-of-mind priorities from the Global IP Exchange in Munich and how the best and brightest minds in the world of Intellectual Property are tackling their IP problems.

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Identifying Novel and Attractive Technologies: Freedom-to-Operate Study

The era of wearable technology has arrived. The recent CES event held this month in Las Vegas proved that this area of technology isn't going anywhere with a staggering number of wearable devices presented at the conference. Many of these devices focus around health or fitness related computing devices.

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Possible Ways to Respond to Demand Letters

In my last blog post, we covered the types of entities commonly labeled as patent trolls.  Regardless of intent, the number of assertions and patent infringement court cases are both increasing rapidly. In order to address some of the perceived issues with patent trolls, the bills in front of Congress include suggestions such as: requiring asserting companies to identify the real owner of the patent, allow more discretion in awarding legal...

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Big Data for Patents

Wired's Innovation Insights just published an article we wrote called "Big Data for Patents: Deriving Novel Insights from Publicly Available Data".

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Is Your Competition One Move Ahead of You?

What might your competitors know about the market that you don't? What do they know about you or your future product releases? Today’s competitive market requires organizations to stay at least one move ahead of their competition.  It's critical that you know your competition and market, that you know how to spot emerging trends, and know how to prioritize R&D investments.  IP information can provide competitive intelligence...

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