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Innography in the Open Data 500

Innography is honored to be included in the Open Data 500. The Open Data 500 is the first comprehensive study of U.S. companies that use open government data to generate new business and develop new products and services.

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A Company By Any Other Name…

In this week's blog post, Senior Data Correlation Expert Dr. Maneesha Joshi talks data normalization for company names, the Innography Advantage, and serves up a little company name brain teaser...

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Behind the Scenes at Innography – Open Access Data

Open access data, the greater good and more about how the Innography team is turning all that beautiful data into insight.

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Expiration Date Calculations Now Available

As IP software developers, there are always choices about what could go into the products, and internal debates (i.e. arguments) over how much value new features would provide.  We balance a number of considerations (including the things you ask for) to decide what makes it into a release. I think my colleagues would agree that it is geeky fun for us to automate messy manual processes and deliver the data you need without...

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Fall Release Coming Soon!

It seems as if we just had our Summer Release, yet here we are again with many new and improved features.  Our Fall Release represents many data additions and improvements, and includes an entirely new product.  In beta now, the latest version of Advanced Analysis includes a host of new features: New keywords and operators for more detailed searches. Legacy query migration – allows for converting queries created on other IP...

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Big Data for Patents

Wired's Innovation Insights just published an article we wrote called "Big Data for Patents: Deriving Novel Insights from Publicly Available Data".

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Introducing IntelliSort!

Innography Unveils Intelligent Patent Categorization Service IntelliSort™ provides a fast, customizable, low-cost solution for Intellectual Property business professionals     In today’s IP-centric business environment, patents and intellectual property (IP) play crucial roles in core business functions such as competitive intelligence, licensing, and litigation. For most companies, the first step in IP management is to classify and compare portfolios using categories that have organizational relevance.  Manual categorization processes are very...

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Correlating Patents with Litigation Data to Determine Legal Risk

Rather than looking at different information sources in isolation, one of our guiding philosophies is that the answers to many business level questions are found at the intersection of different types of data. So what does this mean from the perspective of someone looking to do real-world analysis? Let’s use correlated information to examine the litigation risk involved in a certain technology landscape. Imagine we are a company that either (a) makes tooth...

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