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Patent Litigation Reform Moving Through Congress

Just over two years after the America Invents Act (AIA) was signed into law to overhaul aspects of the U.S. patent grant system, several bills are being proposed to adjust how patents are litigated in federal court in the U.S. The litigation reforms are primarily meant to address several perceived issues that are caused by NPEs asserting their patents against a multitude of companies that do not make products, such as restaurants and...

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Possible Ways to Respond to Demand Letters

In my last blog post, we covered the types of entities commonly labeled as patent trolls.  Regardless of intent, the number of assertions and patent infringement court cases are both increasing rapidly. In order to address some of the perceived issues with patent trolls, the bills in front of Congress include suggestions such as: requiring asserting companies to identify the real owner of the patent, allow more discretion in awarding legal...

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Just Released: Private Enterprise-wide Patent Search

November 11, 2013, marks another milestone at Innography.  We’re officially releasing PatentScout, an entirely new offering that brings the power of patent research to anyone in your organization.  PatentScout is designed to provide critical patent information with an easy-to-use interface.  PatentScout came about as a direct request from our clients who are concerned about their employees using public patent search tools, and the potential risk of willful infringement and exposure of IP...

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The Ins and Outs of Non-Practicing Entities

Earlier this week at the IP Trademark, Copyright & Licensing Counsel Forum in New York City, I moderated a panel on “Non-Practicing Entities” (NPEs). With an audience of mostly in-house IP counsel, the panel agreed that there was no “silver bullet” regarding NPEs, but noted some trends and best-practices. In the discussion about the various types of NPEs, two types of NPEs were noted as growing in influence: Large patent holders...

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New Website, New Innography.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new website!

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Is Your Competition One Move Ahead of You?

What might your competitors know about the market that you don't? What do they know about you or your future product releases? Today’s competitive market requires organizations to stay at least one move ahead of their competition.  It's critical that you know your competition and market, that you know how to spot emerging trends, and know how to prioritize R&D investments.  IP information can provide competitive intelligence...

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IP Strategy Trends at Innography Insights 2013

During this past week, Innography held its annual user conference.  It is always energizing to hear about the real world challenges that our customers solve using Innography software and services.  The deals concluded, the risks avoided, and the millions of dollars saved or made emphasize the importance of intellectual property to corporate results. Perhaps the most significant trend observed though, is how IP strategy has spread across the organization. Gone are the...

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Patent Transparency: Why it’s okay to show your cards

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its Patent Tracker tool, as a sign of “responsible intellectual property management.” In the midst of today’s turbulent patent landscape and wars being waged from all directions, we commend Microsoft on its commitment to a healthy IP ecosystem. According to Microsoft Executive VP and General Counsel Brad Smith, “We need greater transparency. The PTO is considering requirements for greater transparency. But I don’t think we need to wait. I think...

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