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From Patents to Products

Giovanna Barreiro discusses the complex world of today's patents, intellectual property information, and what you can do to understand your intellectual property and it's value.

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Get More From Your IP Intelligence Solution

Today’s patent professional has to analyze a lot of data in order to make a good decision, but more data brings more complexity… unless you have tools that do some of the more tedious work for you.

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Your IP Management Capabilities: Defining Your Roadmap and Starting The Journey

The last post in our IP Maturity Model series, this post covers earlier topics of IP Management goals and the gaps that must be filled in order to reach these goals, and emphasizes the final step in the assessment process - building a go-forward plan including action items and target dates.

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Introducing DocShare

IP Analysis becomes even more powerful when you can blend your internal data with the public data result set. DocShare allows you to upload internal content and include it for analysis (keyword, semantic, and text clustering). Common use cases for this include adding your organization's non-patent literature, and for managing examiner reports coming back from the PTO where applications require updating.

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Convenient Prior Art Search with NPL Database

If you work in R&D, your organization probably licenses relevant journals in your industry for prior art search. To supplement your internal sources, we’ve added over four million non-patent literature documents referencing patents to our collection of more than 100 data sources.

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Your IP Management Capabilities: Targets and Gaps

Our previous postings about IP Management capabilities walked through the value of applying an IP Maturity model, how to identify key areas of focus/priority, and a method for assessing current capabilities. The next steps are focused on determining what level of IP maturity is required to help the organization meet its business goals and identifying the associated effort required to close the gap.

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Your IP Management Capabilities: Assessing Current State

Shauna Osborne continues her blog series on the IP Maturity Model with suggestions for assessing current capabilities inside your organization.

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Our Spring 2014 Release

It’s been a fast and furious Spring at Innography.  We had our largest annual user conference in April, and now we’re launching our largest single product release.  As always, we’re grateful to all of our clients, and are motivated by your enthusiasm and product suggestions.  As we cull through our list of potential features to prepare for a release, we selected a few that would be...

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