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Webinar Transcript: Competitive Intelligence and IP Best Practices

This is a transcript of the webinar Competitive Intelligence and IP Best Practices, hosted by Innography’s own Emma Roubtsov, which is available now on demand.

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Will the changing of the guard mean big changes for IP professionals?

An industry shake up is in progress as the major providers of intellectual property information and analysis technology divest divisions, acquire smaller players, and integrate capabilities. As tools evolve beyond their second generation capabilities, the role of patent data across the organization continues to expand.

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Your IP Management Capabilities: Defining Your Roadmap and Starting The Journey

The last post in our IP Maturity Model series, this post covers earlier topics of IP Management goals and the gaps that must be filled in order to reach these goals, and emphasizes the final step in the assessment process - building a go-forward plan including action items and target dates.

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Managing for Quality Service

I am proud to announce that today Innography is launching its Professional Services program.  As the new VP of Professional Services at Innography, I hope to provide some clarity around one of my favorite subjects. When asked to write a blog post to accompany the launch, it was difficult to narrow down the focus subject. After all, how could I possibly choose one aspect of something I consider holistically important? Just as in Professional...

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