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More Intelligence Now for a More Intelligent Future: Interview with Founder Tyron Stading

The launch of IdeaScout is a project that's been in the works for nine years. We took a moment to chat with its ideator (and founder of Innography), Tyron Stading, about the project, and why he thinks it's a game-changer for innovation management and how ideas will be brought to market in the future.

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The Reality of Augmented Reality Intellectual Property

Recent developments are proving that the virtual reality industry is succeeding in making immersive tech more affordable for consumers. But while it's more commonly thought of as belonging to the gaming and entertainment realms, it is used in many other areas, including the military, education, and medicine. No doubt, it's well on its way to complete world immersion. But for now, let’s take a close look into one of its original, and more whimsical, uses—an area that is (for good reason) being heavily invested in: augmented reality gaming on mobile devices.

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6 Findings from the Global Innovation Index 451-Page 2016 Report

As our planet is expected to reach 8.5 billion people by 2030 with 60% of them living in urban areas, it's estimated that we would need the resources of two planets to sustain our current lifestyle. Though we are making progress towards Mars, it's safe to say it won't be "move-in ready" by 2030. How will we make-do with our one and only planet? The short answer: a global collective and conscious effort toward sustainable and responsible urban planning and infrastructure and smart use of technology and resources. The big question: can we achieve it?

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Who’s Winning the Race to Mars?

There’s been a whole lot of talk about Mars lately. Much more than in the past, now that a wider and more diverse group of innovators are putting massive brainpower and dollars into making space accessible to the general population. A mission they will accomplish by making it both cheaper and safer.

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The Marriage of Engines and Motherboards: The Future of the Auto Industry

There’s never been a lack of innovation in the automotive industry. But whereas in the past it relied heavily on mechanics and engineering, today’s R&D and patents rely on the kind of technology that has the potential to shift who the entire industry belongs to. With self-driving cars and digital dashboards, the only thing that seems set in stone as far as what a car can or should be is that it gets you from point A to B. The question of how it does that is where all the innovation is happening.

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If At First You Don’t Sell, Simply Let it Lapse: Deriving New Value from Your IP Portfolio

Most portfolio managers get a list of patents with fees due that quarter. Their job is to look at the business, see which ones they’re using, and pay the fees. They’ll likely let the rest lapse in order to “save” cost on assets not currently supporting the business. But what these managers aren’t considering can be best described by the old saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Put more directly, you can create easy income for your organization simply by selling unused assets, rather than just allowing them to expire.

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2017 Predictions for Intellectual Property Professionals and the Patent Analytics Industry

For better or worse, no one can say that 2016 was dull. And while it might not have produced quite as much excitement in the IP world (phew!), 2016 wasn’t without some notable IP shifts. On January 11th last year I shared my predictions for 2016. Let’s see how I did, and then I’ll give you my predictions for 2017.

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Personal Tales of Innovation: Impossible things….

One of my buddies used to say “America was built by salesmen and engineers.” I think there’s a good argument for that. Edison and the light bulb, Bell and the telephone, Ford and mass production, the Wright brothers and flight, just to name a few. You can find books written on these endeavors. But there are many patents that exist that are not known or studied, but that have commercial impact. Finding stories about those is a little tougher. As an Engineer, I took part in creating several of those commercially successful patents. Here’s one of them, where my team worked a persistent problem that no one else had cracked.

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