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Asia-Pacific Region Increasing Focus on Patents

Innography was in Singapore this week at IP Business Congress Asia, a 2-day conference focused on IP in the Asia-Pacific region.  The major theme was the growth of focus on patents in the Asia-Pacific region, with applications rising throughout the region and some countries launching initiatives to create “IP hubs”. The Asia-Pacific region is the largest and fastest-growing region for patent filings, with over 1 million patent applications overall in Asia in 2011, 41% of...

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The Ins and Outs of Non-Practicing Entities

Earlier this week at the IP Trademark, Copyright & Licensing Counsel Forum in New York City, I moderated a panel on “Non-Practicing Entities” (NPEs). With an audience of mostly in-house IP counsel, the panel agreed that there was no “silver bullet” regarding NPEs, but noted some trends and best-practices. In the discussion about the various types of NPEs, two types of NPEs were noted as growing in influence: Large patent holders...

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