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Our Most Ambitious Adventure… So Far….

Today we announced PatentIQ, a completely new capability for sharing critical patent data with anyone in your enterprise.

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From Patents to Products

Giovanna Barreiro discusses the complex world of today's patents, intellectual property information, and what you can do to understand your intellectual property and it's value.

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Understanding What’s On The Market

Jennifer Gallagher takes a look at how to determine the worth of a patent, strategies around patent auctions, and how to dive deeper into the portfolios for sale to find the hidden gems or potential liabilities.

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Product to Patent Mapping Using Directed Semantic Search

One of the common tasks an IP professional may be asked for is to determine the patents attached to a particular product. This exercise can be extremely tedious, but with Innography’s Directed Semantic, it’s a snap. We borrowed some copy from a consumer products company’s website, and pasted it into our Semantic search box...

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Mapping Patents to Products - Why Should You Care?

When I talk with customers, they frequently have questions about mapping patents to products. It turns out that creating a patent to product association is extremely valuable when you think about it. The business world runs on products. Profits and losses, revenue forecasts, and product offerings are all the lifeblood of a company and they’re all driven by products. It should come as no surprise, then, that you would want to protect your...

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