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Patent Assertion Entity Challenge with Expert Panel and Open Discussion

This is a transcript of the webinar "Patent Assertion Entity Challenge with Expert Panel and Open Discussion"

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The State of Patenting in the US

According to the USPTO’s self-published dashboard showing first office action pendency, there’s been a healthy improvement in the total pendency time from 35 to 29 months from 2010-2014. Their mission has been to decrease the first response time i.e. the time it takes for an applicant to hear anything from the patent office regarding the filing.

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Looking Forward: IP Predictions for 2015 Part 2

Last week I shared Part 1 of my 2015 predictions for the IP landscape, highlighting the increased use of intelligence throughout IP lifecycle, executive accountability and an increased alignment between R&D and IP. This week will focus on the remaining game-changers, namely legislation and the patent marketplace.

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IPO Annual Summit Outlines Several Threats to Patents

The IPO Annual Summit in Vancouver discussed several key issues in IP, especially important to patent holders.

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