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Personal Tales of Innovation: We have all been here before…

Problem solving happens every day. When it’s your job to be a problem solver, the questions can be really challenging and you may have to figure out a lot of stuff. It can take weeks, sometimes years, to get your answer. Other times the answer presents itself, often as a result of prior experience. In these cases, you often look really smart, when really you’re standing on the shoulders of those that came before you. My experience is that many “high tech” problems are really just old problems in a new setting.

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Personal Tales of Innovation: Failure is Your Friend (and Teacher)

I don't really think of myself as an Inventor, even though I have more than 20 years in R&D and my name on over 40 patents issued in various jurisdictions around the world. To me, those patents are the culmination of a lot of people’s work. It happened to be my job to put the pieces together into some kind of solution, so I got the patent. One way or another, a central pillar of my career has been the development of innovation, either someone else’s or my own. First as a process engineer, then in a patent law firm drafting other people’s solutions, and next as a portfolio manager, finding and bundling other people’s solutions to solve still other people’s problems. Even in the course of my Masters Degree in Technology Commercialization, I studied an idea, turned it into a good or service, wrapped a venture around it, to ultimately pitched it to venture. In other words, ask for somebody else’s money to develop a third person’s ideas, in order to solve a generic fourth person’s problem. I’ve referred to it as “puzzle mentality”, where I like to think about the world through the lens of problems and problem solving.

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Will the changing of the guard mean big changes for IP professionals?

An industry shake up is in progress as the major providers of intellectual property information and analysis technology divest divisions, acquire smaller players, and integrate capabilities. As tools evolve beyond their second generation capabilities, the role of patent data across the organization continues to expand.

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9 Things to Consider When Selecting IP Analysis Software

We've worked with thousands of IP professionals spanning R&D, portfolio management, patent licensing, IP litigation, M&A and more. Many intellectual property professionals struggle to compare the many patent analysis platforms available in the marketplace because their features tend to sound the same. With this checklist, anyone considering a patent search, patent analytics, or intellectual property business intelligence toolset will get a solid head start to finding the right tool to meet your needs.

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Magic Leap: What Their Patents Tell Us

“Augmented reality” technology startup Magic Leap is about to close a billion-dollar financing round – what do its patent say about its upcoming products, inventors, and risks?

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What Is Prior Art and What Purpose Does It Serve?

Prior art is a rather nebulous concept even for IP practitioners. I suspect many people don't think about it apart from its associated process, the prior art search. However, there are well-defined examples of prior art that we can refer to in order to understand the concept a little better.

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New Patent Shows Our Distinct Innovation Approach

Innography's fourth US patent 9,069,853 was issued on June 30 for “System and method of goal-oriented searching.” The patent’s title underscores Innography’s product development approach: We start with the user goals, then we design software to allow them to quickly and easily achieve their goals.

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The State of Patenting in the US

According to the USPTO’s self-published dashboard showing first office action pendency, there’s been a healthy improvement in the total pendency time from 35 to 29 months from 2010-2014. Their mission has been to decrease the first response time i.e. the time it takes for an applicant to hear anything from the patent office regarding the filing.

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