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Keyword Patent Search Part 1

In our prior blog post, Patent Searching 101, we provided a brief overview of three different types of patent searching available in Innography’s patent analytics and patent search tool, Advanced Analysis. This week, we will be focusing on the most common patent searching method amongst patent tools - keyword patent searching.

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Patent Searching 101

Catherine Duck Lafrenz discusses the world of intellectual property, patent searching, and demystifying the world of patent searching in this new blog series.

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Trust Your Luck… or Use Semantic Search

I met with a General Counsel at a conference and he described a situation where he found a recently-issued patent of interest, owned by a partner, that proved very helpful in a negotiation. In fact, it made all the difference.

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Introducing DocShare

IP Analysis becomes even more powerful when you can blend your internal data with the public data result set. DocShare allows you to upload internal content and include it for analysis (keyword, semantic, and text clustering). Common use cases for this include adding your organization's non-patent literature, and for managing examiner reports coming back from the PTO where applications require updating.

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Convenient Prior Art Search with NPL Database

If you work in R&D, your organization probably licenses relevant journals in your industry for prior art search. To supplement your internal sources, we’ve added over four million non-patent literature documents referencing patents to our collection of more than 100 data sources.

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World Cup Fever … a ball and a patent.

Our resident Brit, Emma Roubtsov tackles World Cup Fever, the all-important ball, and of course, the patents that accompany it.

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Managing Acquisition Risk, Even When There Are No Patents!

Innography helps clients manage acquisition risk by enabling analysis of the target company’s patent portfolio, showing the portfolio strength and position versus competitors, and highlighting chain-of-title issues.

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Innography’s “Stocking Stuffer 2013” Product Update!

The Innography product team has been hard at work throughout 2013, with large releases both in the summer and this fall.  Playbooks are now included in Advanced Analysis, and we launched PatentScout in the fall for private semantic search throughout the enterprise. As we approach the end of 2013, we had several key features we were working on based on client requests, and we didn’t want to make you wait before making them...

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