Behind the Man:  Remembering John Martin

by: Tyron Stading


John Martin, Innography CEO, passed away this week losing his battle with cancer. John Martin's impact on Innography and the IP industry will be felt for many years to come. Please join me in honoring John's memory and contributions by taking a minute to think of your own experiences and appreciation of his work.

Some of you may know that Innography's CEO, John Martin, had been fighting cancer for several years now.  However, the majority of you probably were not aware, as John privately waged his war against the disease and persevered through his dedication to his work.  Unfortunately, John's battle with cancer came to an end this week, letting us reflect on a man who has made an impact on the lives of many in our industry.

John joined the Innography family in 2013. As Innography grew, we knew we had to have the right talent to help us scale to the next level.  I remember John's passion as he jumped into learning more about the industry pains, customer needs, and our solutions.  He had the uncanny ability to digest large and complex topics quickly.  Whereas it typically takes years to understand the IP landscape, John became fluent in a compressed term.  He was responsible for our tagline - IP Answers,  Business Results - working to connect communications between both worlds.  His knowledge of other industries was also helpful in translating/accelerating innovations in the IP industry as well.

Over the years, John has been a prolific writer and contributor to thought leadership.  Whether discussing the Second or Third-age patent analytics platforms or Hidden Costs of Bad Data Quality, John always brought a passion and intensity to his research.  He never settled for the easy path, always striving for the company to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  While it made life difficult at times, laying such a lofty challenge to our team, it was always in the best interests of the customers and industry to make the best products possible.

John Martin's impact on Innography and the IP industry will be felt for many years to come. Please join me in honoring John's memory and contributions by taking a minute to think of your own experiences and appreciation of his work.

Service Details
The celebration for John will be held on Sunday, September 10th in Austin, Texas, between 11:30am and 2:30pm. 
There will be an indoor service followed by drinks and appetizers outside. Ask for John Martin Celebration. Valet parking is paid for, please mention our celebration. 

Four Seasons Hotel Austin
98 San Jacinto Boulevard
Austin TX 78701
512 478-4500

In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to the MD Anderson Research Center in Houston, you may donate directly here


Nadine Herbst, 08.29.2017

John Martin is my next door neighbor.  He and Shirley are the sweetest and most caring people I know.  They would often attend Westlake football games even though they had no kids in the district.  My sons would often be called upon to take in the mail and packages when they were out of town.  While we didn’t see them much due to our busy schedules, we always knew they were there if we needed something, and vice versa.
The cul de sac is a little emptier without John.  We will miss him dearly.

Ken Seddon, 08.30.2017

LOT Network and our entire community is mourning his loss.  John was a visionary and a huge supporter of LOT.  As an organization we will forever be in debt for the support John gave to LOT out of the kindness of his heart and his shared belief in our mission.  John’s integrity, creativity, and compassion could be found in every employee at Innography that we worked with.  We know they will honor him and his legacy through their work, and LOT will do our best to do the same.

With deepest regrets,

Ken Seddon
CEO LOT Network

Debbie Long, 08.30.2017

There are just no words.  I worked at Innography when John came aboard.  I respected John and loved working with him.  A true professional and Leader—always focused on moving Innography forward.  RIP John.

Melissa Anthony, 08.31.2017

anthonyBarnum represented Innography for more than 2 years. I worked with John one-on-one for a portion of that time. He was a brilliant man, always receptive to new concepts and ideas. I am grateful for the time we worked together. His family, friends and colleagues are in my prayers. A genius with a kind heart was taken from us too soon.

Tanya White, 08.31.2017

John was a universally talented person, beyond his business acumen and strategic agility, he was also a musician. I recall being on a flight with him and before we landed, he had composed a song, right there beside me, on his phone! He barked one of his staccato laughs when I put some Innography-themed lyrics to the tune. It’s those types of memories which I will hold close, with a smile.

Carlos A Acosta, 08.31.2017

I met John during my short time working at Innography. He was a great leader and good listener that cares for his team.

This is very sad news.  My deepest condolences to John’s family and friends.


Shauna Osborne, 08.31.2017

I was fortunate enough to work with John for 4 years.  He was an amazing leader who pushed people to be their best.  I will always be grateful for having the opportunity to have worked with and learn from him. 

On a personal note, John and I shared a love for fast cars.  He was a man of many talents and knowing how to take a curve a high speeds was one of them.  I will always think of John with a smile when I see a silver Porche fly by.

Simon Webster, 08.31.2017

I met with John when my business came in to acquire Innography. He was one of the reasons we pulled out all the stops to buy it. After the acquisition,  I immediately appointed John to our main Exec Team and gave him the job of doing the exact same thing to our business as he had done at Innography - such was my admiration for what he had achieved. He will be very sadly missed by all of his colleagues here at CPA Global. He was a terrific colleague and truly one of the good guys. Godspeed John.

Craig Shinners, 08.31.2017

With heavy heart, I note that John was always kind and gentle, a good listener and a deep thinker.  He will be missed.  Condolences to John’s family and friends.

Kay Stovall , 08.31.2017

I’m John’s mom and so appreciate all the heartfelt comment that are pouring in.

Chip Harmon, 08.31.2017

Working with John was and will always be a centerpiece of my life.  John was the definition of the perfect leader for Innography just when the company needed his capability as Tyron’s posting so articulately put forth.  For me, he was both a mentor for my weaknesses and above all else, a true friend who I always knew I could openly share my thoughts and fears with… without worry of any repercussion. 

According to Shakespeare, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”  As a leader and a friend this quote defines John… and of course, I will always cherish his charismatic smile and infectious laughter. 

To his family, thank you for sharing John with Innography, with me!

Dean Harvey, 08.31.2017

I am deeply saddened to hear of John’s passing.  I first met John during some very difficult negotiations. We got through them in no small part because he was thoughtful, articulate, and a great leader. He will be missed.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Monty Wright, 08.31.2017

My first memory of John is him joining a group out to see Alejandro Escovado on an Insights evening.  He didn’t let on whether he liked the music that night but he listened with remarkable intensity and that attention was even more striking when he focused on me as a customer the next day.  John repeatedly showed that he took what he heard and synthesized brilliant ways of serving Innography’s customers and the IP community.  We were richer for his presence and I celebrate his all too brief time with us.  Sue and I keep John’s family and friends in our prayers.

Tanya, 09.01.2017

Carlisha Robinson, 09.01.2017

Missing John is an understatement.  It has taken me days just to collect my thoughts to write this brief post.  Cancer sucks! I think we all agree with that.  As for John Martin, the man was simply amazing and the absolute best manager and leader that I’ve ever had in my entire career.  He had a way of inspiring his team to win - but NOT at all cost - win with integrity.  He was a fiercely competitive and I will always remember his witty comebacks to competitors that tried to say they were better than Innography!

We all agree that he was a brilliant and thoughtful man.  What I will miss most is sitting in his office talking with him on product strategy and him looking intently out the window while he listened to what I’d said, thinking deeply and then responding in only the way John could OR better yet writing a note in his little black planner/notebook!  Somehow I always felt like I had said something good when he jotted in note! grin

John’s physical presence will be missed, but he left us with great memories, so his spirit lives on.
(Shirley - I thank you for sharing your amazing husband with all of us).

Hugh Logue, 09.01.2017

John’s enthusiasm and drive was so infectious. When I had dinner with him in London about a year ago he was feeling quite tired when he arrived, and I thought it might be a short dinner. However, as our conversation switched to the possible applications of patent data in society, his eyes lit up and he became energized as we had a long and fascinating discussion about the future potential for patent data. While he was great at blue-sky thinking and discussing potential ideas, what was most impressive was his ability to quickly translate this into actual new products. He was clearly very passionate about Innography, and was very proud of his team. Condolences to all his family and friends from all of us at Outsell.

Nichole Councilman, 09.01.2017

I met John when I joined his previous company in 2006.  I always looked forward to his updates during our quarterly meeting.  Who knew tech talk could be so funny.  One of my favorite stories was when he was working from home one night and Shirley had been looking over his shoulder and said, wouldn’t it be easier if the tool bar did xyz.  Next thing I knew, we had a new roll out of a more user friendly toolbar.  He was always looking for improvement.  A couple of years ago, I had sent him an email when my husband took a job in Austin.  He took the time to write me a very kind email back telling me about the area.  I would like to send my condolences to his family.

Bob Little, 09.01.2017

John certainly left an impact on everyone he met. My condolences to his family and to my friends at Innography.

Roji John, 09.01.2017

Romy and I were deeply saddened to hear of John’s passing. He provided stability and clear thinking at a critical juncture for Innography. John was an excellent mentor and working for him was a pleasure. I’ll always remember the courage and quiet strength he displayed during his treatment. Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to John’s family and colleagues.

Anthea Stratigos, 09.01.2017

John was a client of Outsell’s, a client of mine, and a client of our team who worked closely with him.  He was one of our favorite people to work with and we are all saddened by his passing.  We work with hundreds of executives and see it all.  John was a class act, smart, articulate, friendly, warm and always with a fabulous sense of humor and deep thoughtfulness. He would lead discussion in community meetings with fellow CEOs and set the tone for the great work they did with one another.  He would engage with our analysts, and was always just a warm, fair, high-integrity man.  I am sorry for your loss. To his wife and children who we didn’t get to know, we hope you find solace in knowing that he touched many people and made a difference far and wide. To his fellow colleagues - we are saddened for your loss and the bright spot he leaves in your work community.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I know I speak for the entire Outsell team who knew and worked with him, as well.  Be well.

Dave Ewart, 09.02.2017

A recruiter told me about a smart guy in Denver ‘building something’ that I should talk to, I hesitated as I was about to commit to opportunity. I called John as he was driving home from DIA in his favorite Z3, the 15 min call felt like a phone screen and I agreed to meet him the next morning to chat. When I showed up at the rented corporate apt on Mississippi Ave in Denver with 3 chairs, a fireplug of a coworker named Holly, a card table and a shared modem… 15 min later it became day one. He was that good.

Together, we did build things. I slapped code together so he could pitch elearning to VCs and he built a 100+ person office in Denver and Saba into an IPO. He always sent the elevator down, every step of the way.

The four years I worked with and for John equated to a lifetime of learning. He was the smartest person in the room, any room yet consistently the most humble. I orbited at a much lower altitude, but he took me under his wing, challenged me to find success, called me out when I made poor decisions and quickly became my work-dad although he still looked 22 himself.

I’d keep in touch with John as he steered his career upward taking over and founding new ventures, he was always unselfish with his time. He’d share stories of his family, college applications, triathlons and tell me to “just relax and stay off your feet” over IM ahead of my first 5k. The next day I’d wake to an email asking how it went.

That call back in 1998 was one of the best I’ve ever made. My life is richer being lucky enough to call John my boss, my co-worker and most importantly my friend.

John, you will be forever missed but never forgotten. My thoughts are with his family, peers, and friends.

Mark Best, 09.04.2017

I got to know John in 2014, and we became colleagues in 2015 after we sat across the table and negotiated the transaction which resulted in Innography becoming part of CPA Global.

During those discussions, and the time we spent as colleagues over the following couple of years, I was always struck by John’s desire to get right to the heart of the most challenging issues. John was fiercely impressive in leading, thinking and empowering his teams, and I learned a great deal from being on the same team as him.

I also had a lot of fun with John and particularly enjoyed our one-on-one meals and car journeys. When he had finally exhausted the (long) list of items he had earmarked for me in his black personal organizer, our conversation would typically moved onto sport, current events or politics. John would engage around these topics with the same level of insight and passion, and his eyes would visibly light up as he delivered another entertaining anecdote.

Above all, I could not fail to notice that John’s eyes lit up most whenever he discussed his family and I send my sincere condolences.

David Dreifus, 09.07.2017

We were sadden to hear about John and are sending our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.  I met John when he took the helm at Innography.  It was an important time for the company and industry.  His influence on the company’s direction went beyond business success as he focused and grew the company while maintaining the core values that make Innography and its extended family more than simply a software solution.  I will always remember John’s insight and especially his enthusiasm.

Chana Lajcher, 09.13.2017

To my friends at Innography:

So sorry to hear of your loss. 

Chana Lajcher - Cisco

Roger Kowalski, 09.25.2017

Very sorry to read of John’s passing.  May he rest in peace.

Jennifer Cardinal, 11.05.2017

I am months late and not part of this team but could find no other place to post.  Last night at dinner we googled John’s name to share a photo with our grown son and his wife.  Randall, wanted to show off his “old” friend as he was recounting an anecdote reflecting both John’s brilliance in business and his musical talent.  John and Randall worked together at Oracle and CSG.  Our hearts stopped as we read the headline. We offer our deepest sympathy to beautiful Shirley and their family. John was the kindest most thoughtful person one could ever know.  He was the embodiment of grace.

Serge Rebouillat, 12.26.2017

John was a visionary “Genius” in the field. A great Gentleman with a formidable Thoughtfulness, Human Touch and such a Discreet approach to all his customers from across the world. Inspiring and inspired by your suggestions, he and his team made this Company a reference in data mining, analytics, beyond semantic, towards bigger data and soon likely picture-drawing exploration, as we humbly “suggested” to him while ago, artificial/augmented intelligence unavoidably…

Admiration in not enough. John will be with us forever, a light musical gentle murmur. Lots of empathy to his beloveds. 

Dr Prof. Serge Rebouillat
IP Strategist/Consultant @ DuPont - EMEA - Geneva


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