Behind the Scenes at Innography – Open Access Data

Open access data, the greater good and more about how the Innography team is turning all that beautiful data into insight.

An increasing number of data providers are opening their collections for public access. Among the latest to make a major contribution to open access data, Wolters Kluwer announced they will make Medicine®, a respected and often cited journal of general medicine, an open source offering.  We applaud these contributions to the greater good.

Having access to so much quality content is a boon for research, but it’s safe to say that we are all overwhelmed with the sheer amount of it, and it can be challenging to understand how different data elements from around the world relate to each other to tell a larger story – something very important to those of us that work with intellectual property. 

There are so many relevant sources for prior art research and nonpatent literature that we’ve made it a focus to make as much of it as we can part of Advanced Analysis. But… more data is just more data if you can’t easily turn it into insight.

Leveraging both keyword and our powerful semantic search, we’re able to comb through millions of unstructured documents in seconds to uncover important relationships between disparate pieces of work, something a human could never hope to manually do. Correlated data is immediately useful for freedom to operate and white space analysis… increasingly important disciplines to master for both R&D teams and their IP attorneys. 

It’s too soon to talk publicly about it, but I’ll just tease that in the coming months we’ll be making a very big announcement in the area of correlating even more data.

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