Convenient Prior Art Search with NPL Database

If you work in R&D, your organization probably licenses relevant journals in your industry for prior art search. To supplement your internal sources, we’ve added over four million non-patent literature documents referencing patents to our collection of more than 100 data sources.

Innography NPL is a collection of journals and conference papers, dissertations, pre-prints, abstracts, and technical reports. The data comes from public web crawl via public domain services.  The coverage is not complete, as not all documents are added to the public domain, but we've isolated 4.5 million papers dating from 1980 referencing patents, 6 million unique authors and 100 million citations. The largest categories are biology, medicine, computer science, engineering, chemistry, and physics. The documents break down as follows:  67% research papers, 22% conference proceedings, 7% journals, and 4% other documents related to patents.

NPL can be accessed from the home page via a new NPL tab. It’s searchable via both keyword and semantic search, and the usual refinement panel options apply. You may also text cluster your search set. Once you’ve performed an NPL search, you’ll see a chart listing documents by date, and also the source documents in a table. When possible, we have a copy of the document inside Advanced Analysis. If not, we provide a link to the source.

Now, what about the NPL you already own? Our new DocShare feature is a repository within Advanced Analysis where your internal documents can be uploaded for the use of your organization only. If you store your internal NPL there, you’re able to include it in the search, again with keyword and semantic search and create a result set using both your internal and our public NPL documents. I’ll cover more on DocShare in my next post.

In the meantime, these features are available now at no extra charge.  To enable DocShare and assign Administrators, please contact Client Success.

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