Fall Release Coming Soon!

It seems as if we just had our Summer Release, yet here we are again with many new and improved features.  Our Fall Release represents many data additions and improvements, and includes an entirely new product.  In beta now, the latest version of Advanced Analysis includes a host of new features:

  • New keywords and operators for more detailed searches.
  • Legacy query migration – allows for converting queries created on other IP platforms.
  • Easier full-text searching option.
  • Entire database has been reindexed to accommodate the Cooperative Patent Classification codes.
  • We’ve added 200,000 PACER 830 Actions.  Users do not need a PACER account and we are providing these documents at no charge.  Documents available include complaints, answers, counter-claims, counter-claim answers, amended answers, motions and other documents the courts provide to the PACER system.
  • There are 5,000,000 new Legal Status documents in the platform, again at no charge.  These documents include assignments, maintenance, resurrections, expirations and abandonments. 
  • We’ve added a new Legal Status tab and a new Description tab to the patent page.
  • Patents may now be downloaded, individually or in bulk, in Microsoft’s .doc format. 
  • Filter based on utility or design patents.
  • We have improved our calculations for expiration dates, taking into account a number of new rules that would affect the expiration of US patents.

If you are not participating in our beta program, you will see these new features in Advanced Analysis beginning on November 11, 2013.

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