Data Correlation: Finding a Better Way

There is a better way, find it.  --Thomas Edison

One of the things that has been most reinforced by Innography’s customers is the value of correlating multiple sources of information into a single view to gain more rapid time to results for various types of projects. Some of the use cases where this has particularly surfaced for our customers have been interesting.

Perhaps the best example is the ability to filter results of a patent query based on data that doesn’t exist in the patent records themselves. For example, for IP licensing, a technology landscape result set can be created using any number of discovery methods such as keywords, common or similar patent classifications, co-citation analysis among the most popular. That landscape can then be filtered based on company revenues of the assignee. For in-licensing a company might be interested in finding smaller companies that have some interesting innovation that might be more amenable to licensing their technology than some larger companies might. For out licensing many companies look for larger companies with a specific gap in their portfolio as a better revenue source. Both of these searches can be accomplished only if the patent landscape result set can be filtered on revenue because patent data has been correlated with company financial data.

Another case might in competitive intelligence to view a market landscape that is filtered by litigation propensity. Again a query against a specific technology can result in an interesting set of data. To gain even further insight, the ability to filter based on the litigation history of companies could indicate how protective some players in the particular market landscape are or even the market in general. In this case getting to results rapidly is even more difficult, because obtaining the litigation history and ranking companies accordingly is even more difficult, but the value of having litigation pre-correlated allows for very rapid, almost instantaneous results.

So for many that have been doing IP licensing, competitive intelligence, and patent research there is a better way, rapid results using correlated information sources. Our customers have found it. More and more prospective customers are finding it. So as Thomas Edison said--"find it.” Innography can help you do just that.

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