Happy Birthday, Innography!

by: Tyron Stading

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Five years ago today, Innography was incorporated.  A healthy and growing company after five years is quite a feat for a startup, and Innography is poised to celebrate many more birthdays. Innography began as a personal quest to find valuable insights into the broad range of information companies need to make smarter decisions. I knew that companies, both large and small, needed a solution that was intuitive, cost effective, and would help them find better partners, defend themselves against litigation, and make smart acquisitions to round out existing portfolios. Now, five years later we have over 6,800 users from 300 companies who have agreed with our vision and invested in Innography and IP business intelligence.

Speaking of our customers, I’m still blown away when I look at our customer list. We have worked with some of the largest and most influential brands in the world, as well as some lesser known, yet incredibly innovative organizations. I am filled with pride knowing that we, in some way, have contributed to their success. Our customers have also played a large role in helping Innography develop. We have always turned to our users for feedback and questioned them on how we can better our offering. I can’t thank them enough for their support and help in shaping the company.

I would also like to thank our Board of Directors and investors at Austin Ventures and Covera. They have showed nothing but faith in Innography from day one. In a recent meeting, Steve Coffey, managing director at Covera Ventures said, “Innography is the model that we hope to point other startups to in several years as an example of how to be successful.” I know that drives me, as well as the rest of the Innography team, in what we do every day.

Even though I am immensely proud of where we have been, I am even more excited about our future. Our engineers have been working tirelessly on some new initiatives, and Innography will be expanding its product line over the next several months. The first change is the Innography Playbook, which is now in beta testing. If you’re a current user and want to take it for a spin, simply log into Innography and click on the Playbook Beta tab. I am also excited about our initiative for 2013. It’s combining all the power of Innography (breadth and depth of data and analytics) and will help users quickly gain the insights they need. I’m afraid I’ve already said too much, but keep an eye out for that one.  I believe it’s a true game changer.

Lastly, I would like to thank our employees. Our staff consists of the best and brightest, and they come to work every day with the sole purpose of making our customers’ jobs easier. Obviously Innography would not exist without them.

Happy 5th Birthday, Innography, and here’s to many more.


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