[Infographic] Know When to Hold ‘EM: The Games People Play With IP Data

Multi-million dollar decisions are never without risk, but basing them off questionable data is simply Russian Roulette. Getting to “good enough” or the “right” intellectual property data upon which to make decisions can be extremely time consuming, complex, short-lived. So either you’re wasting time correcting raw data from global patent offices or you’re making decisions on data that is rife with spelling errors, doesn’t reflect patent reassignments, and doesn’t account for M&A activities.

It’s one thing to say you came to the wrong conclusion, but it’s another thing to say “I should have looked at a better dataset”. Don’t play games with your IP data. Using Innography’s suite of products, you start with a robust IP dataset that our clients call the “closest to reality” so you can spend your time on valuable analyses and making decisions for your business.

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