Innography Turns 4!

Happy Birthday, Innography!

On June 21, 2007, Innography was incorporated.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, past and present, for having faith in the “new guy” and believing in the technology that we’ve strived to perfect. We believe we provide the most intensive and accurate patent data and analytics available. And judging by our growth rate, our customers agree. Even though we have crushed milestone after milestone, we will continue to grow and change with the landscape, and adapt to the needs of our customers. Customer success has always been our number one focus, and we’re proud that our customers’ experiences reflect that.

I would also like to congratulate our founder and CTO Tyron Stading on his success, and thank him for staying true to his vision and passion for the growing intellectual property arena. I think I can say with certainty that our success is no surprise to him. He saw a gap in the market and addressed it with passion and precision, which is why as I write this, Innography’s customer base has grown to over 200 companies, and we continue to add more users every week. Not bad for a four year old.

Tyron’s ascension into the IP world has been a fast one. He began his research and initial product coding from his apartment in 2006, and after countless cans of Diet Dr. Pepper and jars of natural peanut butter, Tyron incorporated Innography on this day in 2007. The name Innography is a combination of the words “information” and “cartography,” a perfect marriage of his vision, which was to map the intellectual property landscape in a way that had never been done before. Better information, faster. That is what Tyron had in mind when building Innography, and staying true to that vision is what has kept our customer base happy and growing for the past four years.

After the initial incorporation Innography went live with what is now referred to as “Innography classic” serving a customer base of two. By September of 2008, our customers had multiplied to twenty five, and Innography was made up of ten dedicated employees.

In just four short years, over 200 companies have signed on and seen the value that Innography provides. We have aided Fortune 100 and 500 companies alike though mergers and acquisitionspatent litigationpatent licensing, measuring risk and even competitive and business intelligence. When we ask them about the product, they all say the same thing, “Every time I log into Innography, I save time and money, and I know I’m getting accurate results.”

So again, thank you for choosing Innography. Obviously, we could not have made it this far without your loyalty and trust. I could not be more proud of Innography as a company today. We employ the brightest minds, produce best of breed technology, and have a great time doing it. So with that, I’ll raise my glass and toast to Innography. Happy birthday and here’s to many more.


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