Innography’s Summer 2013 release has arrived!

The process of deciding what goes into a release involves listening to client feedback, prioritizing requests and weaving in our product’s strategic direction.  Along the way we consider if a feature will make users more productive, if it improves usability, how well it exposes critical data that will lead to making good business decisions, and occasionally we add things that are irresistibly cool.

We’re proud of this release for many reasons.  First, we worked with all of you to develop it.  Your feedback can be found in every new feature of Advanced Analysis. Second, we included some of our best practices and exclusive features not available anywhere else.  Finally, some of the improvements made were necessary for extremely large analysis sets and for our upcoming Fall 2013 release.

Your #1 requested feature was for improved visualizations.  We not only revised existing charts, but also made them exportable along with the data behind them enabling you to:

  • Decide how large of a set you want to export
  • Edit charts in Microsoft Office
  • Use them in presentations and reports
  • Easily share complex data with your team
  • Create time-slice charts for historical tracking
  • Merge bubbles on the market map to create your own “what if” scenarios
  • Download graphics as .png files, allowing for a transparent background and flexible image sizing

We also gave the tree map an extreme makeover with new visuals and the ability to pivot on litigation count and revenue.

Finally, you’ll find some brand new charts in this release including:

  • Patent Strength Histogram - I recommend you try this against your biggest competitors, companies you might acquire and licensing deals you’re examining
  • Expiration Date Chart - helps you understand if you, or your competitors, are replenishing patents as fast as older ones expire

A first for the industry, our powerful semantic search can now be used against a specific company’s portfolio or a project you’ve saved.  Ever wonder if a company is infringing on your products?  Try uploading content from your product documentation into semantic search and you’ll quickly find a short-list for licensing conversations.  This feature is also excellent for competitive research.

As mentioned earlier, we care very much about offering tools that improve your productivity, and one thing that never feels productive is scrolling through a long list of patents.  So now you can click on the “eye” icon in a patent list and you’ll see the new QuickView™ patent display that lets you quickly see the contents of a patent, including high-res images and patent status.  While in QuickView, you can select it for download later or move on to the next document in a single click.

Data is an obvious centerpiece of Advanced Analysis, so we’ve added full-text Chinese patent data at no additional cost.

Finally, I’m very happy to report that we’ve increased the analysis limits to 60,000 results.  In fact, you’ll find analysis limits have increased in several key areas of the application, sometimes as much as 1000%.

We are also bundling our Playbooks into corporate and university licenses for Advanced Analysis users at no extra charge.  Playbooks give you an excellent starting place when you need fast meeting-ready reports and insights.

With Innography’s commitment to innovation, consistent investment in software advances, and client-focused approach, clients gain both today’s best product and tomorrow’s.  We hope you find these improvements useful and look forward to delivering new exciting enhancements in the Fall.

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