Introducing DocShare

IP Analysis becomes even more powerful when you can blend your internal data with the public data result set. DocShare allows you to upload internal content and include it for analysis (keyword, semantic, and text clustering). Common use cases for this include adding your organization's non-patent literature, and for managing examiner reports coming back from the PTO where applications require updating.

DocShare is a new feature from our Spring 2014 Release designed to help Innography clients search and manage internal data.  One popular usage for this is to upload internal non-patent literature and include that in searches you are doing in Innography.

Other clients are managing their office actions from the PTO and using our semantic search capabilities in DocShare to keep their applications updated.  This can be a tedious process, so DocShare can save people quite a bit of time and minimize risk of inequitable conduct.

DocShare has many of the features you’ve grown to appreciate in Innography, like keyword and semantic search, text clustering, and our popular “Find More Like This” feature.  Additionally, because this is your internal data, we’ve added additional enhanced security features to keep that data safe. 

To learn more and add DocShare to your license at no extra charge, contact Client Success.  

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