Introducing IntelliSort!

Innography Unveils Intelligent Patent Categorization Service

IntelliSort™ provides a fast, customizable, low-cost solution for Intellectual Property business professionals


 In today’s IP-centric business environment, patents and intellectual property (IP) play crucial roles in core business functions such as competitive intelligence, licensing, and litigation. For most companies, the first step in IP management is to classify and compare portfolios using categories that have organizational relevance.  Manual categorization processes are very expensive and resource intensive, particularly when portfolio sizes are large and contain categories that are unique to that business.  And any process that relies upon judgment calls by a diverse group of reviewers, no matter their degree of expertise, will be plagued by error and inconsistency.  In order to combat these challenges, Innography, the premier IP Business Intelligence (IPBI) company, today announced IntelliSort, the only intelligent patent categorization service designed specifically for the IP market.

With IntelliSort, Innography users can “train” the software to make intelligent decisions based on different business objectives, automating what would otherwise be a time consuming and expensive process. With IntelliSort, users can:

    • Map patents to product lines internally or externally
    • Broadly classify portfolios by market segment
    • Map competitive patent portfolios to a specific business
    • Benchmark portfolios against an industry in a context that is meaningful to business objectives

"With recent IP news of monetization, litigation and government changes, patents are clearly both a challenge and  major opportunity for companies,” said Tyron Stading, founder and president at Innography. “For the first time, we can help corporations streamline their processes with a fast, low-cost, customizable solution that allows them to categorize IP data in a way that suits their own particular business objectives."

IntelliSort works as a patent categorization tool in which an IP professional identifies key categories that a particular set of patents may fit into based on a company’s unique IP specifications.  This best practice yields more relevant and precise results than relying on generalized systems like US and IP classifications. After providing a small sample set to train the system, large amounts of patent data can be fed into IntelliSort, which will automatically sort the patents into the user-defined subsets. This solution scales from a small number of personal categories defined by an individual to a Fortune 100 conglomerate with thousands of categories.  By automating the categorization process, IntelliSort eliminates the need to  hire subject matter experts to manually review patents and gives fast, consistent results.

Innography will offer IntelliSort with a combination of consulting and education services designed to provide rapid time-to-value for those implementing the IntelliSort solution. To learn more about the services included with Innography’s IntelliSort, please click here.

IntelliSort is ideal for the following:

Portfolio Acquisition

  • Automatically recommend portfolios of interest based on historical acquisitions
  • Create internal workflows to automatically assign patent portfolios to experts for review
  • Identify highly important patents, such as those related to certain standards

Monetization and Licensing

  • Locate similar portfolios to identify potential licensing candidates
  • Train a classifier to learn a specific company’s products or technologies
  • Create industry or technology specific categories for market segmentation
  • Classify the patents in a portfolio according to which companies or products they map most closely

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Benchmark one’s portfolio versus the industry using meaningful technology categories
  • Break down competitors’ portfolios that align most closely with individual products or patents

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Easily view acquired company’s portfolio using internal categories.
  • When divesting or breaking up a company, accurately decide which patents stay and which should be sold

Portfolio Management and Maintenance

  • Classify patents by product, platform or strategic initiative
  • Use in maintenance decisions

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