IP Strategy Trends at Innography Insights 2013

During this past week, Innography held its annual user conference.  It is always energizing to hear about the real world challenges that our customers solve using Innography software and services.  The deals concluded, the risks avoided, and the millions of dollars saved or made emphasize the importance of intellectual property to corporate results.

Perhaps the most significant trend observed though, is how IP strategy has spread across the organization. Gone are the days when a good IP strategy meant a filing incentive for inventors or active management of portfolio renewals.

Today's progressive companies think of IP across their value chain.  IP informs their competitive and market analysis. They use IP to help plan their development efforts.  They think about the IP implications of acquisitions.  They have a proactive strategy for creating additional revenue streams from their existing IP.  Plus, IP considerations are an integral part of their risk mitigation efforts.

Intellectual property has become far more than just a legal consideration.  It is now a key component of business strategies and an important contributor to business results.  Learn more at www.innography.com.

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