Is Your Competition One Move Ahead of You?

What might your competitors know about the market that you don't? What do they know about you or your future product releases?

Today’s competitive market requires organizations to stay at least one move ahead of their competition.  It's critical that you know your competition and market, that you know how to spot emerging trends, and know how to prioritize R&D investments.  IP information can provide competitive intelligence years before companies publicly announce new products. In fact, a patent makes a great proxy for a description of an organization’s strategic plan.  And by combining and correlating the IP data with litigation, financial, product, and technology data, you can get a more complete view of the competition and market landscape, enabling you to discover what you need to know about competitors, emerging technology, risks, and opportunities.

Innography can do all this for an organization. Perhaps your competition is already using Innography!  If they are and you’re not, you’re possibly one move behind them.

Innography is hosting a webinar “The Essential Guide to Staying Ahead of the Competition” which will cover competitive tactics and best practices for staying ahead of the competition such as, how to identify competitors in your space, emerging trends, competitive threats, litigation risks, your strengths/weaknesses, and how the technology landscape is changing.  

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