John’s Favorite Posts, The Top 3

by: Innography


John Martin believed strongly in the role intellectual property data can play for corporations making strategic decisions. He was a regular contributor to the Innography blog, here are a few of his personal favorites.

One of the blogs for which John had a high passion was focused on the evoluation of IP analytics tools. Second or third-age patent analytics platforms: which one are you using? John wanted to help strategic thinkers identify whether they were using the right analytics capabilities for the job at hand. Particularly with more and more entry-level players coming into the market, with basic patent data readily available, it was important to be clear on why Innography's platform presented something unique. 

John was also passionate about showing how patent data could be used for strategic purposes. Evaluating Patents for an Acquisition Target:  Blackberry & Good Technology Example where he walked through how intellectual property data could be helpful during an acquisition cycle. 

The last in the top three of John's favorite blog posts is a webinar transcript: Competitive Intelligence and IP Best Practices. John was passionate about the use of IP data for competitive intelligence purposes, he believed in the talents of the team, and he preferred to consume learning via reading v.s. listening. This post had it all. 

John Martin will be missed by everyone at Innography. You can read all his blog posts

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