Just Released: Private Enterprise-wide Patent Search

November 11, 2013, marks another milestone at Innography.  We’re officially releasing PatentScout, an entirely new offering that brings the power of patent research to anyone in your organization.  PatentScout is designed to provide critical patent information with an easy-to-use interface.  PatentScout came about as a direct request from our clients who are concerned about their employees using public patent search tools, and the potential risk of willful infringement and exposure of IP strategy the public tools pose. PatentScout provides:

  • Keyword and our powerful, but easy, semantic search
  • One-button “Find More Like This” feature
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Essential information:  Title, Abstract, Claims with count, Clipping, Description, Forward/Backward Citations with count, Filing Date, Priority Date, Legal Status, and Assignment
  • Mobile Friendly

Innography clients can add PatentScout to their account for one low fee.  There are no user licenses or usage limitations.

Learn more at:  www.innography.com/patentscout

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