Mid-Year Progress by Innography

Innography continues its positive growth trend in 2014!

Innography continues our positive growth trend from my last update after the first quarter – with 45 new clients so far this year, we’ve grown bookings almost 40% compared to last year, and we are also cash-flow positive so far this year.

A partner recently asked me why clients are choosing Innography, and there are three main reasons I hear from our new clients:

  • Product superiority, especially with some terrific new features released over the last year by our product team
  • Continued product advances through a market-leading product roadmap, which our clients contribute to through their suggestions
  • A relentless company-wide focus on client support and success.

Our client interactions and engagement continue to increase dramatically, with 50% more attendees to our Insights conference compared to last year, and over 200 onsite visits to clients so far this year.  And we expect hundreds of attendees at our upcoming 7-city global roadshow of training workshops for clients and prospects.

With the roadshow and some upcoming releases that will deliver some game-changing capabilities in patent analytics and advanced search, we are very excited about the rest of the year.  Finally and most importantly, thank you to our clients for your confidence and support.

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