Our Spring 2014 Release

It’s been a fast and furious Spring at Innography.  We had our largest annual user conference in April, and now we’re launching our largest single product release.  As always, we’re grateful to all of our clients, and are motivated by your enthusiasm and product suggestions.  As we cull through our list of potential features to prepare for a release, we selected a few that would be perfect additions to make your work  a little easier.

Here’s an overview of what’s new today in Advanced Analysis:

Company Comparison

How many times have you just wanted to see how your organization stacks up against a competitor or compare the other players in your market?  It’s a common task, but one that can be time-consuming so you may not be able to perform competitive analysis as often as you like.

Company Comparison allows you to compare up to five parent or subsidiary companies in seconds.  This function has a number of charts to help you share this analysis internally.  You can compare portfolios, jurisdiction coverage, date trends, strength factors, and classification coverage. 

You can also refine your analysis in the refinement panel to really drill into the topics that most interest you.  If you are often pitched portfolios to buy, you can see how those patents would mesh with your own - all in just a few seconds.

One request you’ve consistently had is to be able to drill into the documents, so you get that too! 


A lot of our clients spend a great deal of time landscaping portfolios.  We’ve been talking to some of you about your workflows and frustration with status quo of how this is commonly performed.  With lots of love, and much trial and error, we’re giving you what we think is an intuitive and efficient tool for patent landscaping.

Early adopters of this feature tell us they love it for visualizing the technologies NPEs are active in, and for understanding topic density in highly competitive markets.  To make it even faster, we’ve included some one-click presets.  Of course, you can create your own subset using the refinement panel.   Visit the education site to view a short video.


Fasten your seatbelts!  For years now, you’ve been telling us things like “I love PatentStrength™, now if you’d just let me change one little thing…” Guess what?  You can now change as many things as you like! You can create your own strength algorithms, use others you’re already familiar with, and sort portfolios based on the factors you most care about.  We can also create algorithms for you!  We can’t wait to see what you do with CustomStrength™. PatentStrength™ will remain the default until you edit or create your own algorithms.  Our founder, Tyron Stading, has written a white paper on the variables that influence patent value -  download a copy from the help site.


Another client request has been to upload internal data and run it against Innogrpahy’s public data.  Meet DocShare, your internal repository for things like your internal non-patent literature, disclosures, pending applications, or other documents you need to integrate with IP analysis.  Common use cases we’re hearing are that clients want to upload the NPL they have and search against that.   Others have expressed an interest in using DocShare to control the updates to applications resulting from PTO Examiner Reports.  

Non-Patent Literature

You now have access to more than four million research papers, conference proceedings, and more via a new home page tab for non-patent literature.  You can text cluster these documents, perform keyword or semantic search, and download them from our site or their original source.  As part of our goal to continuously add value, there is no charge for these documents.

But wait, there’s more…

Lots of small and not-so-small improvements have been made to the home page, various visuals, and the data you can export and filter.

Finally, we’re wrapping up the Spring 2014 Release with an all new Help and Education site where you can download Release Notes and documentation for the new features.

And without missing a beat, we’re gearing up for the Summer 2014 Release.






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