Nike’s FLYEASE: A Look into the Product Development Lifecycle with IP Eyes

Nike recently announced the launch of their new FLYEASE footwear system. The innovative FLYEASE footwear allows athletes of all abilities to easily fasten and get in and out of shoes.

The press release on Nike’s website states they have been working on the FLYEASE project for over three years.

Getting to Market Takes Years

Often, as in the case of Nike’s FLYEASE footwear system project, new product development can take years before a product is released (if it is released at all) to the marketplace. Waiting for competitors’ products to enter the market and then reacting can leave your research and product development teams scrambling to catch-up.  An alternative strategy is to actively mine and analyze intellectual property and patent data.  As legal documents, patents can provide a goldmine of competitive intelligence on your competitors years before their products hit the market.

Anticipating the Market Through Data Mining

Using Nike’s FLYEASE footwear as an example, we could have anticipated this product launch using Innography Advanced Analysispatent analysis tool. Using Innography’s cleansed and normalized company and patent data, we can quickly identify Nike’s initial patent application for the FLYEASE footwear system by performing a company and inventor patent search for Nike and lead FLYEASE designer, Tobie Hatfield.

The FLYEASE footwear system was filed on January 1st, 2013 with the USPTO and made public and published as US20140196313 A1 on July 17th, 2014.  The figures below are extracted directly from patent application and can be viewed in the image carousel in all of Innography’s products (Patent Scout, Explorer, and Advanced Analysis).

Giving You Power to Respond Quickly

By using Advanced Analysis company and patent search alerts, you can actively monitor your competitors’ and key technology areas on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.  Innography Advanced Analysis alerts may also be shared with your colleagues to keep them informed and in the loop on new competitive and technology innovations.  In addition to company and patent alerts, Advanced Analysis users can create alerts for monitoring United States patent litigation cases, United States trademarks, and changes to specific patent documents.

What would you do with information like this?


Dana, 10.10.2016

I am a mom to a 3 year old little girl who has cerebral palsy and needs to wear AFOs (ankle foot orthotics). The Nike RN fly ease for toddlers was a game changer for us! We love these shoes and it makes it so much easier to put her shoes on and the fact that they come is stylish colors is an added bonus! However, I am no longer able to locate then on Nike’s website! Are they going through a redesign? We hope so because these shoes will be life changing for these kids and parents!

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