Our Most Ambitious Adventure… So Far….

Today we announced PatentIQ, a completely new capability for sharing critical patent data with anyone in your enterprise.

For the past seven years, we’ve given IP professionals a tool that would take them beyond patent search to provide true insight that could drive business decisions.  Along the way, our users told us they spent as much as 30% of their time creating and updating reports for the boardroom, marketing, finance, R&D, and competitive intelligence professionals in their organization. 

PatentIQ brings patent intelligence to all types of users through an elegant and easily consumable dashboard.  IP professionals, the true custodians of their organizations patent strategy, can easily share pertinent data and control the narrative.  The data is dynamic, giving back precious hours of productivity to patent professionals, and preventing other stakeholders from making decisions based on old information.  A digest of comments and Q&A keeps everyone in the loop.

We’re excited to improve the productivity of IP professionals and to facilitate better decision-making throughout their organizations. 

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The Winter Release of Advanced Analysis is also live today.  We went a little bit crazy with new data:

Full-text patents – including translated Japan, Germany, and South Korea.  Native full-text patents from Russia, Great Britain, Australia, and India.  These additions bring us up to 48 Million full-text documents and nearly 100 Million total patent documents.

EPO Designated State information.
Double the number of non-patent literature documents, now nearly 10 Million in total.
PAIR abandoned applications.
Merger and acquisition data for 100,000 private, public and subsidiary companies.
All-new mobile-friendly visualizations with drill down capability.
PTAB and ITC case data.

And finally, and this is a big one, a full set of capabilities for litigation analytics. Now you can visualize in seconds any litigation search by lawyer, law firm, judge, venue, outcomes, and damages.  Litigation Analytics will allow you to make the best strategic offensive and defensive litigation decisions based on the historical performance of similar cases.

And we’re already hard at work on our next release!

-Team Innography

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