Painless, Proactive IP Best Practices

A discussion of automating intellectual property (IP) insights, best practices for managing your intellectual property, and more...

As custodians of your organization’s intellectual property, you know there are a number of IP tasks you should do, but day-to-day demands often get in the way.

As an Innography user, you have a platform at your fingertips that can help automate a lot of these important activities, freeing up more of your time to work on strategic projects and respond to daily demands.

To get you started, here’s a short checklist of IP insights you can automate:

  • Create a search for your key technology area(s).  You can start with semantic and refine, this will often pick up useful, but unexpected, content or use keywords if you’re an experienced IP searcher.  Save this search and set up a document alert.  When patent status changes on any matching documents, you’ll be notified.

  • Run a market map based on each search you created.  Does anyone new appear?  Look for NPEs. If not recognizable by name alone, look at the entities with litigation, but no revenue. Set up Company Alerts for any of these that you want to monitor. As the portfolio changes, you’ll get an email alert.  

  • Take a look at the patent strength of your portfolio.  Examine the weaker patents. If maintenance is due soon, you might be able to abandon these and save your organization a sizable amount of money. More than one client funds their annual Innography subscription based on this task alone.

  • If you have colleagues that ask a similar question over and over, then set up a search to send them the data as it changes.  

  • If you have a lot of people asking for patent copies, add PatentScout™ to your account and give anyone who needs it access. PatentScout™ can have claims turned off if you like.

  • Add Patent Market Tracker™ to your Innography account if you need to see who is buying and selling patents each month.  We’ll do the heavy lifting of filtering all the intra-company assignments and securitizations so you can just see who bought, and who sold.  

If it’s true that IP is now the largest share of most company’s valuation, then good IP habits are more important than ever.  

Soon, we’ll push IP productivity to the next level, with a brand new product that will allow you to share essential IP data with anyone in your organization in a brand new way.  Without saying too much prior to launch, our goal is to give you insight you can’t get anywhere else in the most automated, visual manner possible.  Painless IP insight, now tell me you’re not excited about that!

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