Talking Intellectual Property in Munich

Emma Roubtsov talks top-of-mind priorities from the Global IP Exchange in Munich and how the best and brightest minds in the world of Intellectual Property are tackling their IP problems.

I've just returned from the Global IP Exchange in Munich, Germany where I had the honor of representing Innography. While there, I also had the privilege of meeting and connecting with some of the brightest and the best in the world of Intellectual Property.

As I review my time there over those few days, it seems to me that most delegates had similar priorities, insights to which they were trying to find from their time at the conference. The major priorities were:

a)     Do more with the less: Be more productive, more efficient, save money, make money

b)     Monetize the portfolio

c)     Avoid litigation risk

d)     Competitive Intelligence: What do I have and what does everyone else own?

Interesting, isn’t it? What struck me was that for these to be priorities now and on-going projects, it must mean that what was being done inside the business wasn’t working as it should be;  new and improved systems and approaches were needed. If things were working, of course, improving them never hurts. To really excel in those priorities above, maybe a completely new approach is needed; a new lens on an old problem.

That new lens, for me, is Innography. Every day, our clients are using Innography to help with every single one of these priorities. They use PatentScout for a secure, private search tool for patent information to get the information they need without exposing themselves to public search. They’re using Advanced Analysis and its visualizations to be more productive, save money, and easily explain market position inside their company. They’re keeping a keen eye on the competition to see who are possible infringers on their patents and who they can license to for the most profit. These priorities are the same across companies - the difference is how quickly they’re able to get there, and at Innography, we’re proud to be part of the difference. 

For those I had time to meet with, I think they saw that too; time will tell. Either way, I look forward to continuing those conversations in the coming months or even next year and sharing a glass of (German?) wine with all those that want new perspectives on their on-going challenges.

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