The America Invents Act

Last week, President Obama signed the America Invents Act, giving the U.S. patent system its first major overhaul in 60 years. The first to file system will accomplish many things for inventors. It not only brings the U.S. in alignment with international patent practices, but also aims to reduce questions around inventorship and so reduce resultant invalidation claims from “who invented it first”.

We expect the number of patent filings will increase dramatically since inventors will be motivated to file early and often to secure the patent and profit from their innovation. But this increase will inherently cause a challenge in the speed to get a patent to market faster.  This means that competitive advantage will be found in quickly understanding the intellectual property landscape, speeding the processes associated with due diligence on prior art, and streamlining the collection of information needed to initiate the filing process.

This is where Innography customers will always come out ahead. With our advanced capabilities to find the most relevant and accurate information from comprehensive data sources, our customers will ensure they have the best information, as quickly as possible. Using our unique analysis and visualizations to uncover insightful relationships amongst that information, our customers will also maximize their ability to profit from the America Invents Act.

We at Innography are excited about this change in patent law, and look forward to helping our customers navigate the changing patent world. Happy innovating!

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