The Reality of Augmented Reality Intellectual Property

Recent developments are proving that the virtual reality industry is succeeding in making immersive tech more affordable for consumers. But while it's more commonly thought of as belonging to the gaming and entertainment realms, it is used in many other areas, including the military, education, and medicine. No doubt, it's well on its way to complete world immersion. But for now, let’s take a close look into one of its original, and more whimsical, uses—an area that is (for good reason) being heavily invested in: augmented reality gaming on mobile devices.

Though it’s a relatively new space, Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming on mobile devices isn’t lacking in patents. With endless industry crossover possibilities in this exciting and booming new industry, common sense would assume that patent competition in this space will only get more intense. The Intellectual Property (IP) is distributed between high-tech companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Alphabet, and entertainment/consumer electronics companies like Sony and Nintendo.

This trend, which began in 2006, grew steadily from 40 filings in 2009 to a peak of 347 in 2014, accounting for a growth of 8x in just 5 years. Results also show that the US is the #1 filing jurisdiction with filings steadily increasing.

Using simple, yet powerful visualizations, this technology intelligence report begins to paint a clear picture into the world of AR Gaming, including:

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  • Breakdowns and drawings of key inventions from each of the top five companies

Download the sample report to get a sneak peek into who’s doing what, now and looking toward the future.


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